Human Events Hits Prime Time: Jack Posobiec Brings State Department Memo to Tucker Carlson

As reported in an exclusive Human Events News piece Monday, all U.S. “Diplomatic and Consular posts” are being encouraged to display support for Black Lives Matter on Tuesday, May 25, the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. 

Thanks to Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, the story went all the way to prime time, earning its own segment on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

“The publication Human Events reported today on a new State Department memo that was issued to all embassies around the world. It encourages American ‘diplomatic and consular posts’ to display shows of support for Black Lives Matter tomorrow, that would be the one year anniversary of the death of George Floyd,” Carlson said. 

“The memo says that U.S. embassies can fly a BLM flag and that diplomats should reference Black Lives Matter in their speeches. Should American ambassadors come out against the nuclear family as BLM has, for socialism as BLM has, for race hatred as BLM does every day?” What the State Department doesn’t appear to understand, or maybe this is the whole point, is that the existence of BLM is a national humiliation to the United States,” he continued. 

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