Joe Biden’s No Good, Very Bad, First 100 Days.

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  • 03/02/2023

The first 100 days of a presidency are usually a fair barometer for how effective an administration will be. Fresh off an election, presidents are eager to set the agenda for their entire tenure—passing and signing significant legislation, issuing executive orders, setting priorities for federal agencies, and laying out a foreign policy agenda. If done right, the first 100 days can feel like a fresh start, new hope, and welcome change for the American people.

If done wrong, they can feel like the last 100 days under the Biden administration.

In 100 days, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have done more damage to our country than any other administration in modern history.

[caption id="attachment_188580" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Green New Deal. Green New Deal.[/caption]

Our southern border is a catastrophe. Following President Biden’s campaign promises of massive handouts for illegal immigrants—as well as his pledge to stop building the wall—migrants have surged to the border in record numbers since the President took office. March alone saw over 170,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border—a 200% increase from December of last year. And it’s not just at the border—in March, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested only 2,214 undocumented immigrants, down from 6,679 in December. In a matter of weeks, Biden has fully embraced the open borders, anti-Wall policies of the far-Left, and willingly sacrificed the public safety and peace of mind enjoyed by the American people under President Trump.

President Biden’s refusal to let the American people return to work, church, and school will mean more than just a severe hit to our economy; it will mean long-term, generational effects on our society.

Our schools and children have been completely abandoned. The Biden administration has opened our southern border while simultaneously insisting that our schools remain closed. To say nothing of the economic burden it wreaks on parents, studies consistently show that children’s developmental and cognitive growth is permanently stunted following long periods of time without in-person instruction. President Biden’s refusal to let the American people return to work, church, and school will mean more than just a severe hit to our economy; it will mean long-term, generational effects on our society.

If and when they do return, however, it may be the lesser of two evils, for once back in the classroom, they’ll be indoctrinated by the administration's radical curriculum. President Biden has prioritized teaching children ideologies like critical race theory, Marxism, and the idea that America is an inherently racist country founded on white supremacy. The radical transformation of American education is just beginning, and our children will pay the price for decades to come.

The energy independence that we gained under former President Trump has been wiped out by this administration. Echoing his bizarre campaign promise to end fossil fuel use, President Biden continues to speak vagaries about climate change, all while tanking the American energy sector. In his first 100 days, gas prices have skyrocketed. Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline, shut down oil and gas lease sales on federal lands, and announced our reentry into the disastrous Paris Climate Accords. What’s more, he introduced a $2.3 trillion Green New Deal package disguised as “infrastructure” investment. Whereas America once enjoyed the benefits of energy dominance and capitalist freedom, now our industries are burdened by President Biden’s socialist agenda. Even our hamburgers are threatened by his absurd progressive politics.

President Biden’s complicity with the far-Left, and his commitment to their socialist agenda, has emboldened cancel culture and the woke mob.

On foreign policy, America has bent the knee to foreign adversaries, reverting back to the same tired, weak policies of the Obama years. President Biden has already pledged to re-enter the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal—a $150 billion windfall for Iran that will allow them to continue their nuclear capabilities, destabilize the region, and put Israel in harm’s way. The President has yet to show any strength in the face of China, and he has done little to nothing to address the supply chain reliance that has crippled our economy during the pandemic. Worst of all, he has utterly failed to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their role in the initial outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to their blatant human rights violations—in stark contrast to the strong military approach of President Trump.

Lastly, President Biden’s complicity with the far-Left, and his commitment to their socialist agenda, has emboldened cancel culture and the woke mob. Case in point: earlier this month, Biden openly gaslit the American people into thinking Georgia’s voter protection law was “Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” a contention even the Washington Post and New York Times rebuffed. The President’s big lie drove Major League Baseball to move its All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. That political maneuver will cost Georgia taxpayers more than $100 million—but it’s hard to monetize the damage that Biden and other Democrats have done to election integrity across the country by calling common-sense safeguards and reforms, all of which expand access to voting, racist. The Biden administration is so out of touch that even Democratic strategist, James Carville, acknowledged that “wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it.”

[caption id="attachment_188579" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Police protester. Police protester.[/caption]

On every single issue, the Biden administration has taken our country backward. The policy positions and decisions coming out of the first 100 days will have significant, detrimental effects on American life for the next 100 years.

Our only remaining safeguard, for the next 3+ years, is for every Republican in the U.S. Senate to hold their ground. They must stand up for the 75+ million Americans who still believe in keeping our country strong, and continue to share the positive, hopeful message that conservatives can offer in contrast to the disastrous policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

And pray that the last 100 days never repeat themselves in American history.

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