B-BALL BLUNDER: LeBron James Tweets, Deletes Picture of Police Officer Present at Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

LeBron James is facing serious backlash after he tweeted a picture of a police officer present at the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. 

What’s worse, the caption read “you’re next.” 

Though he has since deleted the tweet, a screenshot is still circulating. 

Photo taken from Breitbart

If you aren’t familiar with the story, Bryant, 16, called 911 asking for assistance after a group of girls threatened her. 

“We need a police officer here now,” a girl is heard telling a 911 operator in one recording, as yelling is heard in the background. “We got these … grown girls over here, trying to fight us.”

The Columbus Division of Police released a body camera video Tuesday showing Bryant holding a knife at the time police fired shots. It is unclear whether the officer in James’ picture – Nicholas Reardon – is the officer who shot Bryant, as the investigation is still underway. 

But, thanks to instigator LeBron James, this officer’s life is now in danger. 

The threat obviously drew instant and widespread backlash on Twitter. 






The NBA has not said whether James will face any discipline, as reported by Breitbart.  But, based on the league’s ultra-progressive stance, it’s highly unlikely.