HYSTERICAL! Comedian, Tik Tok Star Does Knock-Your-Socks-Off Trump Impersonation

When it comes to Trump impersonations, this social media star takes the cake. 

Austin Nasso, social media influencer and content creator, took the internet by storm with his comedy skits and impressions, specifically his impersonation of President Trump

“I love doing comedy and making cool things,” he wrote on his website. “I founded UCLA’s Shenanigans Comedy Club and co-founded Socially Inept: Tech Roast Show. Right now you can find me climbing the TikTok ranks and making silly videos.” 

Nasso launched his account in February of 2020, and has since earned over 350,000 followers. 

In a recent skit, he did a hilarious, spot-on impersonation of what Trump has been up to since leaving office. 

“We’ve been playing a lot of ping-pong. A tremendous amount. And this isn’t the little ping-pong table you see at the family parties with the little kids playing on the little table with their little ping-pong rackets. This is the real deal, the real deal. I’m probably standing five feet away from the table and I’m swinging it so fast, it’s bouncing, it’s curving. And you look at the ball, you can barely see the ball by the way, and they’re like ‘how does he do it? How does he get the perfect spin?’ I don’t know,” he says in the video. 

Nasso also does an absolutely killer Joe Biden impersonation. 

“Folks, this year we’re putting a hundred million dollars in people’s arms, a hundred million shots. Look, you’ll be able to go up to any bank, amputate your arm and cash it in for gold bars, folks. You’ll be able to bring home bread for your family. Look, it’s your civic duty to get a shot. If you don’t do it, your family is going to be living underground for the next 100 years. You’re going to be banned from surfacing…you don’t want that folks, it’s malarkey,” he says in the impersonation. 

One thing’s for certain, his videos provide comedic relief in a time where politics is anything but funny.