Texas Gov. Bans Vaccine Passports Statewide

While team-left cries “racism” over Georgia’s new voting law, they are simultaneously pushing a nationwide vaccine passport, requiring proof of vaccination in order to participate in normal life. 

But, Texas is pushing back. 

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Monday banning government-issued vaccine passports statewide. 

Abbot said that vaccinations cannot be government-mandated, and that it’s the people’s choice whether or not they receive one. 

“Every day, Texans are returning to normal life as people get the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine,” he said in a statement Tuesday. “But as I’ve said all along, these vaccines are always voluntary and never forced. Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives.” 

Abbot added that the Lone Star state would continue to provide vaccinations “and protect public health” without “treading on Texans’ personal freedoms.” 

The executive order prevents state agencies from requiring a vaccine passport, “or otherwise conditioning receipt of services on an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status,” BizPacReview reports. 

It also extends to any organization that receives public funds. 

The move comes after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a similar executive order Friday, marking the first state to stand up against the egregious prospect.