NYC School Directs Students to Stop Referring to Parents as ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’ to be More ‘Inclusive’

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  • 03/02/2023

In yet another recent example of bigotry from progressives opposed to the use of conventional language and customs, one New York City school is encouraging students to stop referring to their parents as “mom” and “dad.” 

Instead, they should change the terminology Americans have been using for centuries to be more “gender inclusive.” 

Grace Church School, which charges $57,000 a year, published a 12-page memo that instructs students to do away with terms that they consider to be outdated, and replace them with “inclusive” ones. 

The memo directs the following, per the Daily Wire

  • Instead of “boys and girls,” “guys,” “ladies,” and “gentleman,” say, “people,” “folks,” “friends,” “readers,” “mathematicians…” 
  • Instead of “sweetheart/honey/similar pet names” say, “child’s name or ‘child/friend in the blue shirt.” 
  • Instead of “assuming gender based on stereotypes,” people should “respectfully ask how they identify if familiar, establishing a culture of sharing affirming pronouns in class.”
  • Instead of “mom and dad,” say “grown-ups,” “folks,” or “family.”
  • Instead of “parents,” say “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family,” and “guardians.” 
  • Instead of “husband,” “wife,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” say “spouse/partner/significant other.” 
  • Instead of “a boy can’t marry a boy,” or “a girl can’t marry a girl,” say “people can love and commit to whomever they please, it’s their choice who they marry.” 
  • “If someone articulates sexual orientation is a choice rather than identity,” respond by saying “who we love/are attracted to is part of who we are.” 
  • Instead of “diverse/minority,” say “person of color, marginalized identity/population.” 
  • Instead of asking “what religion are you?” ask “are any religious/faith traditions important to you?” 
  • Instead of asking “what did you get for (any holiday)?” ask “do you celebrate holidays?” 
  • Instead of saying “Merry Christmas!/Happy Holidays!” say “have a great break!” 

The memo urges that the following terms are “outdated” and should no longer be used: 

  • Colorblind - No one is color blind as it pertains to race. We see the skin tones of people and assumptions are made about how someone identifies racially. 
  • Caucasian - The correct term is White. White is a more accurate description of light-skinned people of European descent. 
  • Diverse person/student - referencing a person of color. A person is not diverse. A group of people can be diverse. 
  • Traditional Family - we actively try to undo notions of a “typical” or “normal” family structure, each family is unique. 
  • “Real parents” - a preferred term is birth parents. 

Instructing students what to call the people that birthed and raised them is neither progressive nor inclusive. Rather, it rips away traditions and values from people to appease the emotions of the progressive “woke.” 

How far will this go until it's too far?

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