Poland Takes the Lead, Proposes $13.5M Fines for Big Tech Censorship

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  • 03/02/2023

Poland is taking a stand against the Big Tech conglomerate, proposing whopping fines for platforms that censor or remove posts for ideological reasons, according to the country’s Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta. 

In a Fox News interview, Kaleta said social media companies have been targeting Christianity, conservatives and traditional values through their blacklisting and removal of posts. 

“We see that when Big Tech decides to remove content for political purposes, it’s mostly content which praises traditional values or praises conservatism,” Kaleta said. “It is deleted under their ‘hate speech policy’ when it has no legal right to do so.” 

Under the new proposed legislation, any platform that censors a post or bans a user for ideological reasons would face a fine of $13.5 million unless the content is illegal under Polish law, the Epoch Times reports. 

And, an arbitration committee will be set up to oversee inevitable disputes. 

The move comes following the widespread Big Tech blacklisting of several key conservative voices, including President Donald Trump. 

“Freedom of speech is not something that anonymous moderators working for private companies should decide,” Kaleta said. “Instead, that is for the national body; duly elected officials and all industries, car, phones, finance, were unregulated till they grew too large; the same should happen with Big Tech.” 

“It’s very disturbing because if Big Tech sees themselves as an organization empowered enough to ban a sitting president of the U.S., it sends a message to the world - that we can ban anyone, whenever we want,” he urged.

Last month, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced new laws to protect freedom of speech on the internet. 

Morawiecki wrote in a Facebook post, ironically enough, that over time, the internet has come to be dominated by international corporations that treat users as a source of revenue and a way to increase their own global domination. 

“They have also introduced their own standards of political correctness, and they fight those who oppose them,” Morawiecki said. 

“We are now increasingly faced with practices we believed were left in the past,” he added. “The censoring of free speech, once the domain of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, is now back, but in a new form, run by corporations who silence those who think differently.” 

“Discussion consists in the exchange of views, not in silencing people. We do not have to agree with what our opponents write, but we cannot forbid anyone from expressing views that do not contravene the law,” he added.

If only more world leaders would follow in Poland’s footsteps to defeat the monster Big Tech has become.

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