Trump Attorneys to Begin Defense as Impeachment Trial Resumes in Senate

President Trump’s defense in the Senate impeachment trial is expected to wrap up sometime Friday. Trump attorney Bruce Castor was asked about the defense and if he believed arguments would last 3 hours, to which he replied, “probably longer.”

“Trump’s attorneys are expected to argue that Democrats are being hypocritical in accusing Trump of incitement when they’ve used aggressive political rhetoric in the past” reports Fox News. Additional tactics include showing that “House impeachment managers are taking Trump’s comments out of context” as well protections guaranteed under the First Amendment for his comments on January 6.

Trump’s attorneys are “likely to point out past instances when Democrats have used combative rhetoric, playing videos similar to how the House impeachment managers used video of Trump speaking to make their case against him” according to Fox News.

While President Biden made a short, unannounced walk from the North Lawn of the White House to look at a candy hearts set up put together by first lady Jill Biden ahead of Valentine’s Day, he briefly spoke to reporters on the impeachment matter.

Biden said he does not plan to speak with Republican senators ahead of the final vote, but added, “I’m anxious to see whether, what my Republican friends do, if they stand up.” A final vote could come before the end of the weekend.

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas said Thursday “we’re hoping they – the thing concludes by Saturday.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Fox News on Thursday that there is “no chance” that former President Trump will be convicted for inciting the Capitol riots. Cruz added while those who broke into the Capitol should face the fullest extent of the law, Democrats are trying to invent “a new standard” for an incitement charge.