Insurrection Efforts in Portland and Seattle Rage On…Without Democrat Outrage

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  • 03/02/2023

Over the last week, following Joe Biden’s inauguration, mayhem has encapsulated Portland and Seattle.

In Portland, more than 150 people gathered - in all black clothing and gas masks - outside the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building, chanting “Abolish ICE,” throwing rocks and eggs and vandalizing the building. Six people were arrested and officers declared an unlawful assembly. 

The day prior, 200 other far-left rioters carrying “we don’t want Biden, we want revenge” signs smashed windows at the Democratic Party of Oregon building, a total of eight arrested.

Similarly in Seattle, Antifa rioters marched in protest of Biden’s inauguration, breaking windows at a courthouse and multiple businesses. Three people were arrested on charges ranging from property damage to felony assault. One protester said confrontation is sometimes necessary. 

“Direct action is beyond the picket signs in the street,” she told KOMO, per Fox News. “It’s taking that a step further and it’s willing to be confrontational, if needed.” 

To no surprise, all of this is going on with barely any reaction from team left. 

In the days following the Capitol riot, the mainstream media had a field day. Here are some of the headlines:

“Breaking News: Domestic terrorists violently storm nation’s capitol in Trump-influence coup attempt” - Milwaukee Independent

“How the news media covered domestic terrorism on Capitol Hill” - CNN 

“Among the Insurrectionists at the Capitol” - The New Yorker 

“Capitol Insurrectionists Said They Were Following Trump’s Orders” - Huff Post  

Meanwhile, the insurrectionists in Portland and Seattle are referred to as “demonstrators” and“protesters.” Take a look: 

“Four people charged in Portland after demonstrators vandalized federal ICE building, Democratic Party state headquarters” - CNN 

“Small Inauguration Day protests in Portland, Seattle lead to about a dozen arrests” - USA Today 

“Oregon Democratic Party offices vandalized amid post-inauguration protests” - NBC News 

This violence isn’t new. 

Over the summer, BLM and Antifa insurrectionists smashed their way into Portland’s Multnomah County Justice Center, which houses the Sheriff’s Office, a police station and jail. Rioters ransacked the ground floor, hoping to free prisoners. Upon failure, they set it on fire. 

For four months, riots blanketed Portland every single night. Extremists set streets and buildings on fire, assaulted officers with concrete and mortar explosives, and looted businesses. More than 277 officer injuries were reported by the Department of Homeland Security in Portland. 

Seattle also saw a summer of violence. Rioters there even made their own autonomous zone. 

Again, just hours after rioters stormed the Capitol in Washington, Antifa tried to break into the Portland Courthouse. On one wall, they spray-painted the Antifa logo and warned “the state can no longer suppress us.” 

Yet no national media reported on the anti-government insurrection in Portland, and barely any democrat leaders condemned it. 

The double standard that surrounds political violence should be condemned. Violence is violence, regardless of political affiliation. 

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