Media continues to replace inquiry with dogma on environmental issues

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  • 03/02/2023

In a time where misinformation spreads vapidly across social media, it is critical for journalists to separate their biases from their reporting. 

But, unfortunately it’s not happening that way. 

It is no secret that the mainstream media - or the MSM, for short - has a favorite party. 

And it’s certainly not the GOP. 

The media has found itself acting as an arm of the democratic party. Throughout his entire campaign, the media worked tirelessly to protect their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, even determining what the American people can and can’t learn. 

This crystal clear bias is demonstrated in two articles covering the environment. 

“The Trump administration has a parting gift for the climate, and it’s atrocious,” reads the first sentence of a Gizmodo article. 

As Sen. Ted Cruz once said, they’re “not even pretending to do their job.” 

The article discusses a new rule by the Environmental Protection Agency that will limit future greenhouse gas standards under the Clean Air Act, applying to industries whose emissions account for more than 3 percent of the nation’s total greenhouse gas output. 

“The ridiculous rule change will be published on Wednesday,” the article continues. “It seems designed to give him a headache once [Joe Biden]” takes office.

“The rule is set to go into effect in 60 days, but is sure to face legal challenges. And Biden, who has pledged to do all it can to freeze the implementation of the Trump administration’s last minute rule changes, will surely reverse courts once in office,” the article reads. “Let’s hope they succeed, because if they fail to overturn it, the planet is in trouble.” 

Rather than impartially reporting the news, this article uses choice vocab words to impose viewpoints on its readers. 

Here’s just one other example. 

“Political officials at EPA have overruled the agency’s career scientists to weaken a major health assessment for a toxic chemical contaminating the drinking water of an estimated 860,000 Americans,” a Politico article reads. 

“The changes to the safety assessment for the chemical PFBS, part of a class of ‘forever chemicals’ called PFAS, is the latest example of the Trump administration’s tailoring of science to align with its political agenda,” it continues. 

“Critics of the move say it will take some time to unwind, leaving health and safety gaps in the meantime,” the article concludes. 

Blasting President Trump and his administration and instilling fear in the American people seems to be the goal of the media in today’s current climate. 

The media continues to replace inquiry with dogma on environmental issues.

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