‘LIBERAL HATE MACHINE’: Gab goes after Twitter, compiles list of threats, slurs that have not been flagged or removed

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  • 03/02/2023

Over the last several days, Big Tech has taken censorship to the extreme, silencing and even banning conservative voices across the United States. 

Social media platform Gab revealed Sunday that they have been collecting examples of hateful and potentially illegal threats, slurs and other comments made in response to President Donald Trump’s tweets. 

Ironically, while conservative pundits are being banned, these anti-Trump responses are still up; Gab is working to expose Twitter's hypocrisy. 

“For months we have been backing up every reply to Donald Trump’s tweets,” the site wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. “We call this project the Liberal Hate Machine.” 

“It conducts sentiment analysis to detect threats of violence, slurs and more. There’s a LOT. It’s searchable too. Stay tuned,” the tweet said. 

Another post on Sunday that has also been taken down said: “We have over 100 million tweets collected of the very hateful people on this website making the most disgusting (and highly illegal) replies to the President and other conservatives.” 

It is no secret that Trump’s tweets received outraged backlash, including some that would be considered, to many, threats. 

Gab has experienced an explosive increase in users over the last several months in response to Twitter, Facebook and other Big Tech giants censoring and banning conservatives. Gab officials said the site was gaining 10,000 new users per hour, many of whom came from Twitter, BizPacReview reports. 

Gab has also spent the last several months building its own infrastructure to avoid being deplatformed by tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon. 

“You can’t get banned from Amazon when you own your own servers like we do. It’s not just ‘build your own social network.’ It’s build your own: hosting service, payment processor, app store, web browser, email service, e-commerce platform,” the site said in a since deleted tweet. 

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