Certified or Certifiable? Arizona Election Results Called Into Serious Question

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  • 03/02/2023

As election officials certified results in Arizona, boasting of the state's election integrity and "accuracy," swaths of citizens gathered outside an unofficial fact-finding hearing outside a downtown Phoenix hotel to support the Trump legal team in its effort to make the case that the "corrupt" election had "disenfranchised" voters.

"This election was conducted with transparency, accuracy and fairness, in accordance with Arizona's laws and elections procedures, despite numerous unfounded claims to the contrary," Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs announced as the state certified the election -- Biden winning by 10,457.

"We do elections well, here in Arizona," Gov. Doug Ducey said during the ceremony. "The system is strong." 

Meanwhile, the Trump legal team was presenting evidence for such claims to the state legislators, in a hearing set for the same day. The team had hoped that the event would be held as a formal legislative hearing, but their request was denied by the Senate and House speaker. 

So instead, they held the public hearing at the downtown Phoenix Hyatt Regency hotel.

"The officials certifying have made no effort to find out the truth, which to me, gives the state legislature the perfect reason to take over the conduct of this election because it's being conducted irresponsibly and unfairly," Giuliani said on Monday.

"The certification of Arizona's FALSE results is unethical and knowingly participating in the corruption that has disenfranchised AZ voters," Jenna Ellis tweeted. "BUT, this in no way impacts the state legislature's ability to take back the proper selection of delegates."

Supporters rallied outside the hotel, accompanied by leaders of the Stop the Steal movement. Some watched the hearing on the side of giant LED van screens.

"You also had numerous situations of your workers, your citizens, observing the poll officials helping people vote to the point of telling them who to vote for," Giuliani said from inside the building. "Poll workers being observed changing votes, taking ambiguous votes and making sure they were cast for Biden."

Giuliani questioned cybersecurity expert and retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, who pointed to Maricopa and Pima county as being potential hotspots for fraud. Waldron corroborated claims that Dominion voting machines can be manipulated both at the voting site or by remote hacks.

He also asserted that there exists a "1.9 million vote fraud potential," according to statements from a Maricopa County official who confirmed that the county neglected to validate signatures on many ballots.

"What I take from your testimony, Colonel, is that 35,000 votes were embedded to each Democratic candidate in Pima County, the allegation by the gentleman who hasn't given us an affidavit," Giuliani said. "We don’t know if the gentleman is telling the truth or not."

Twitter suspended expert witness mathematician Bobby Piton as he testified, claiming that his calculations found that 95-99% of voters in key demographics and counties "voted."

"Something is very wrong," Piton said.

"I'd rather resign than have certified those results," he added.

“If I was an executive at a publicly-traded company, I would never sign that because I risk jail time and having all my money taken from me in lawsuits,” he added. “I believe [the numbers] are fraudulent based on the data… I’d be willing to put my life on it, I’m that sure about the analysis.”


Mainstream coverage of the hearing was virtually nonexistent, with One America News network being the main televised carrier of the event.

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