Charlie Kirk Makes Closing Argument to Trump Faithful

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  • 03/02/2023

“Take out your cell phones, text everyone in your contacts, and tell them personally why you are voting for President Trump and Republicans.  We need peer-to-peer communication.”  That was the marching order that Turning Point USA founder and charismatic Trump supporter Charlie Kirk shared with a packed crowd Saturday at the Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Kirk was there as part of the Freedom Summit 2020 Chicago, put on by radio station WIND 560 AM out of Illinois. The annual event was held in Wisconsin this year due to the authoritarian restrictions of Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (whom Kirk hit hard during his speech).  Kirk was one of three featured speakers along with conservative author and radio host Larry Elder, and BLEXIT co-founder, Candace Owens.

Kirk covered a lot of ground in his roughly 45-minute-long talk which drew multiple applause breaks, several moments of laughter, and brought tears from at least one audience member explaining “it’s just so powerful.”  Kirk’s bottom line?  The election is coming down to just four key states, and if Biden wins, “it’s on us.”

“The good news is that the Biden camp sees what we see,” said Kirk.  “They know that Arizona has moved our way.  They know the numbers in Florida are looking very good for us.”  Beyond that, however, Kirk pointed to the keys to the election that both the Trump and Biden campaigns have identified.  “He isn’t making Hillary Clinton’s mistake.  He is going to Michigan and he is going to Pennsylvania.”

The young activist cited those two states, along with Wisconsin and Minnesota, as the ones that the current math suggests will determine Tuesday’s outcome.

In his talk, Kirk did much more than simply discuss electoral math.  He warned the audience of exactly what it would mean to have a Biden-Harris administration, or, as he more precisely labels it, a Kamala Harris presidency.

“They will move to Make D.C. and Puerto Rico states, they will try do away with the electoral college, they will pack the Supreme Court, but it is even more than that,” Kirk stated.  “This administration would be the final phase in completing the fusion between big government and big business.  This is not just a simple socialist model.  It is a really more of a fascist model.”

The point was made that the United States today has two national governments, not just one.  The first is housed in Washington D.C., but the other is located in Silicon Valley.  Kirk warned that a President Harris will not hesitate to unify the two coasts in a n effort to wipe out dissent.

“Kamala Harris won’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call the big tech folks and say, ‘Hey, Charlie Kirk, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, they’re bothering me.  I need you to shut them down.’ And they will,” Kirk warned.  He also pointed out how the tech giants currently have power that cannot be legally challenged.

“If the FBI comes in here right now and arrests all of you for being at this gathering, you can sue them in federal court, and you will win,” Kirk said.  He then pointed out “But if Google shuts down our livestream right now, they can do it legally and there is nothing we can do about it.”

The union of big business and big government was further emphasized by Kirk in pointing out that right now the money on Wall Street was going to the Biden campaign, not to Trump.  “I remember when the Democratic party used to stand against the big money on Wall Street,” Kirk said.  “Now they are taking its money.  The Democrats have become the party of the wealthy and powerful.  I will make a prediction fright now that eight of the ten wealthiest counties, maybe all ten, will have a majority vote for Biden on Tuesday.”

The merging between big busines and big government is understandable in Kirk’s mind and is driven by the simple fact that large companies know that if free markets can be restricted, they will not lose their position of power, only consolidate it.  He went even further to say that this is why large companies and the Biden camp are promoting further Chinese coronavirus lockdowns as they know this will all but wipe out smaller businesses and make people even more dependent upon both government and large corporations like Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.

Echoing a refrain he has been using since a Victor Davis Hanson interview introduced the concept (and detailed in a Human Events op-ed), Kirk characterized this battle as being one between the Zoom/Skype class and the muscular class, those who are really doing the hard work during the pandemic.  “The richest people in the country have been getting richer since the outbreak,” Kirk said.  Another round of shutdowns will leave the muscular class almost totally dependent upon big government and big tech/big business.  Kirk says that is just where the Democrats want them.

He feels that the Trump campaign should have done a better job of telling Americans simply “we are for opening the country, Biden is for shutting it down.”  That simple message, he says, would have resonated.

Kirk also addressed the particular problem of young people in America and the challenge that Republicans, or traditional Americans in general, face in reaching them.  “For those in this room over 40, remember when you were in your 20’s.  Remember how year after year your general financial and material situation was improving?” Kirk asked the crowd.  “That isn’t happening today for young Americans.  Unless we can find a way to reach them with the traditional American value proposition, we are going to see them be susceptible to the rise of a younger, more articulate, and more charismatic Bernie Sanders-type over the next 18 months.”

He left the audience to draw their own image of exactly what that might mean.

In closing, he rattled off a list of the Trump administration’s accomplishments over the past four years.  “Judges, Mideast peace, largest middle class tax cut in history, fighting child sex trafficking, propping up the VA, and the First Step Act, are all reasons to vote to reelect the President,”  according to Kirk.  He then asked the audience a question:

“Who is in charge of this great American gift we have been given?”


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