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To Tell the Truth: Five MSM Outlets Act in Unison to Suppress Information and Assist Biden Campaign

At 12:10 pm EST Monday the Gateway Pundit sent out a breaking news email to subscribers indicating that Rasmussen had released a poll showing that President Trump is slightly ahead of Joe Biden in the Presidential race.  The group’s latest poll has the President leading Biden 48-47%.  Last Wednesday Biden held a 49-46% lead in the same poll.

Rasmussen also reported in its daily presidential tracking poll, the longest running poll of its kind, that the President has a 52% approval rating among likely voters compared to a disapproval rating of 46%.  This compares to a low of a 42% approval rating for the President during the past 30 days in the same poll.

Trumps 52% approval compares to Barack Obama’s 48% approval rating on the same date in 2012.

Eight minutes after the Gateway Pundit email, the New York Times sent out an email blast to its subscribers with the heading “Stocks Slide as Virus Cases Surge.”  

Since the time of the Rasmussen Poll numbers release, the NYT has not, to this moment, sent a news update highlighting the shift in voters to its subscribers.  They do report the poll within the body of other election polling numbers on their general tracking page.

At 12:48 pm EST the Washington Post sent its daily news email blast to subscribers.  In that email, 23 stories were listed.  Not one of the stories reported on the Rasmussen Poll.

A visit to NBC News’ homepage at 2:02 pm EST showed no reporting of the Rasmussen Poll.

ABC news one minute later had no mention of the Rasmussen Poll.

CBS News at 2:04 pm EST made no mention of the story.

All five sites had numerous stories that were negative regarding the President, either in terms of policy or the Presidential campaign.

Rasmussen was established in 2003 by its namesake, Scott Rasmussen and has had a remarkable record of success in calling election races accurately, including the 2016 Presidential election.  They have also had success in proving where other polling groups have had misleading, or outright inaccurate, polling data.

To tell the truth, the events of Monday morning and early afternoon provide a fairly tight five-stop argument for the fact that the MSM are deliberately withholding information from the American public for the purpose of electioneering on behalf of Joe Biden from within the Fourth Estate.

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Brent is a professional keynote speaker and writer who has made numerous media appearances on a variety of business and political topics. He has also written extensively on political and economic issues.

He played a role in the growth of Turning Point USA by writing much of the organization's foundational literature and training campus activists. He co-authored Charlie Kirk's first book, Time for a Turning Point.

In early 2000, Brent started his own business consulting practice after having spent 15 years in the commercial banking industry. Since then, he has had over 200 client engagements and has served in a variety of capacities including CEO, CFO, and SVP of Sales & Business Development. In March of 2018 he spoke at a United Nations Conference on men and women's collaboration in the workplace, sharing his unique approach to business culture development.

Brent additionally serves in the role of Director of Policy Research for Jeff Webb's Middle Class Warriors.

He is a 1984 graduate from Lake Superior State University with a B.A. in Finance & Economics. He has also studied theology at Loyola University.

A father of three daughters, Brent resides with his wife and family in a North Shore Chicago suburb.


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