AntiFa Activists Besiege Mayor’s Home.

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  • 09/21/2022

Far-left activists affiliated with AntiFa besieged the home of Fred Eisenberger, the mayor of the Canadian city of Hamilton, this week.

The group accused him of not protecting members of the “LGBTQ2” community against what they claim to be growing violence from far-right groups.

“This is absolutely unacceptable. Harassment of my family, my neighbors, or anyone is crossing the line. Police are investigating.”

A group of 20+ people covered Eisenberger's front yard with protest signs that read “The mayor doesn’t care about Queer People."

Police have since arrested a 33-year-old woman who took part in the demonstration.

“This morning, my family and I were awoken to over 20 agitators at my home, yelling profanities, leaving signs on my lawn and banging on my door,” wrote the mayor on his Twitter account. “This is absolutely unacceptable. Harassment of my family, my neighbors, or anyone is crossing the line. Police are investigating.”

The mayor also said the group had stolen items from his home, including a Canadian flag.

Far-left groups like AntiFa have expressed growing discontentment with law enforcement in the city of Hamilton following multiple arrests over an altercation at the Hamilton Pride Festival earlier this month.

During the event, away from the main festivities, police officers located a brawl between two groups of individuals, several of whom were armed.

The mayor responded to the incident by expressing solidarity with the “2SLGBTQ community and allies” and called for an open dialogue between activists and the city and called for a meeting with representatives of queer activist groups.

The far-left activists rejected this and continue to demand the release of members of their group arrested during the altercation. AntiFa has referred to their incarcerated friends as “political prisoners.”

The activists, many of whom are spurred on by far-left Twitter journalists like VICE magazine contributor Rob Rousseau, accused the mayor of “siding with nazis”.


Hamilton residents have been grappling with acts of social terrorism by AntiFa over the past couple of years.

In March 2018, a masked mob of far-left activists calling themselves “The Ungovernables” utilized a tactic including a group known as the “black bloc” to vandalize stores and vehicles on a weekend night.

Left-leaning social media commentators suggested they were protesting the gentrification of the city and going after large corporations, but local residents say that the commercial targets of mob violence made little sense as the businesses affected were all small ones.

This week's demonstration outside Mayor Eisenberger's home follows a growing trend by the far-left to intimidate politicians and conservative figures by doxing their home addresses and showing up en masse to cause a nuisance.

Recently, AntiFa attempted to intimidate Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson at his Washington D.C. residence by plastering his address on posters and flyers across the city.

Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events