‘Squash Amash’ Rally Takes Aim at Michigan’s Anti-Trump GOP Rep

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  • 09/21/2022

Michigan's Trump-supporting Republicans – exasperated with Congressman Justin Amash's repeated attacks on President Trump – took to the streets outside the Congressman's office in Grand Rapids in a 'Squash Amash' rally on Friday.

The rally – coinciding with President Trump's birthday and Flag Day in the U.S. – saw over 200 supporters in attendance, flying American flags, pro-Trump signs, and Squash Amash placards.

Meshawn Maddock, the co-founder of Michigan Trump Republicans, said of Congressman Amash:

"Voters in his District now know that he does not represent Michigan values." - Meshawn Maddock

"Many Republicans said nothing as [Amash] voted again and again like a Pelosi Democrat. To note only a few such votes, Amash voted against protecting first responders, voted against 'Kate’s Law' to increase penalties on illegals who re-enter and commit more violent crimes, and voted against a balanced budget!

"But when he joined with radical Democrat ‘Never Trumpers’ this event was launched. Our supporters and voters in his District now know that he does not represent Michigan values."

The founder of West Michigan Republicans, Diane Schindlbeck, echoed Maddock's comments:

“I meet with voters in District 3 every day. None of them are happy to have Amash supposedly be their representative in Washington. Squash Amash is something I hear daily.

The loudest voices supporting Representative Amash are left-wing Democrats in his District who understand that electing him is the same as electing a Democrat. Republicans need to wise up and elect someone who represents our values!"

There is evidence Amash's calls for impeachment may be rooted in personal business interests in China. The Trump Administration's recent negotiations with China in attempts to neutralize China's economic war on the industrialized west occurred near simultaneously with Amash's comments.

A petition has also been created, calling for Amash's resignation.

WATCH a video of the rally below:



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