Bannon: ‘We Might be Talking About Prime Minister Nigel Farage’

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  • 09/21/2022

Former White House Chief Strategist and CEO of the 2016 Trump Campaign Stephen K. Bannon talked with guest host and Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events Raheem Kassam on the ‘Buck Sexton Show’ May 14th about Nigel Farage, his Brexit Party, and the upcoming EU Parliamentary elections.

Bannon commented on Farage and his team putting the Brexit Party together, saying he “couldn’t be prouder of what Nigel’s done over the past couple weeks, it’s been absolutely stunning.” He also noted the great success of the Brexit Party, despite it being “put together over the last five or six weeks.”

“I couldn’t be prouder of what Nigel’s done over the past couple weeks, it’s been absolutely stunning.”          - Stephen K. Bannon

Bannon even stated that he believes "if there is a general election in the fall, we might be talking about Prime Minister Nigel Farage." He goes on to detail how Farage's approach to communicating the Brexit movement has resonated with the people of Britain and has reached the core of the issues facing the nation.

In the upcoming EU elections, Bannon sees a possibility of victory amongst the nationalist, populist movements, a victory he believes could lead to a combined thirty to thirty-five per cent of the EU Parliament. He highlighted some of the key party leaders being Salvini in Italy, Le Pen in France, and Farage in England.

In addition, Bannon says the Alternative for Germany party is starting to gain traction and he predicts they will be competitive in the fall elections. 

Bannon himself plans to travel to Paris, Italy, and Spain in the next couple of weeks to aid in final campaign efforts for the upcoming elections on May 23rd.



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