The ‘Equality Act’ is a Danger to American Women.

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  • 09/21/2022

Where are the voices of the Women’s March fighting for women’s rights and #MeToo champions fighting against sexual exploitation and harassment? Conservative women and radical feminists are calling on Congress to protect women’s safety and dignity from the dangers of the deceptively-named “Equality Act” slated to be voted on this week.

Alliance Defending Freedom put it best: “The ‘Equality Act’ doesn’t erase discrimination, it erases women.” Some are calling this legislation the Female Erasure Act.

Liberal women are betraying us with their silence.

As a top Speaker Nancy Pelosi priority, the Equality Act would redefine sex in our federal civil rights laws. Male and female would no longer be based on biological fact but would include the amorphous category “gender identity” as “the appearance, mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.”   

Liberal women, meanwhile, are betraying us with their silence. What should be an issue that unites all of us – protecting women and preserving our dignity – is being ignored, and our concerns abandoned.

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This legislation has no rules about what constitutes a legitimate claim to “gender identity” as a protected class. Any male (or female) can claim identity as the opposite sex without proof of medical diagnosis or permanent intent. Sex-based identity is completely subjective and determined by perception or desire and can be changed at any time. 

Society’s purpose for sex-segregation, a major factor of women’s safety, is negated under this legislation. Women could no longer claim rights to our safety and equal protections because men could claim our rights just by claiming to be women. Perhaps the sponsor of this bill, a gay man, doesn’t understand our concerns. Women are safer in places they know men can’t legitimately access.

If this bill passes, men, go ahead, put on your makeup and take a walk in a women’s locker room for a day. You don’t have to prove anything, just claim your feminine side. Women would be commanded to open the door to any female-posing male who wants access to women’s sex-specific spaces.

[caption id="attachment_176556" align="alignnone" width="2784"] Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America.
Activists in support of and in opposition to the Affordable Care Act's contraception madate rally outside the Supreme Court in Washington during oral arguments for Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby.[/caption]

Forget our safety concerns. Biological sex distinctions would be overruled by any “gender identity” claim. Not only is this extreme, it should be called out as absurd and an outright violation of women’s Constitutional rights to equal protection under the law.      

Parents have a big enough job teaching our little girls not to trust suspicious men. But today we face a trans-activist culture seeking protected status that tells our daughters if a man thinks he’s a woman and he is in your dressing room, locker room or bathroom you shouldn’t worry. Instead you should just shut up and deal with it.

Too bad if “she” could be a sexual predator – we’ll risk your safety in the name of “equality.”  Beware the consequences: not only would concern for the safety of your daughter from a biological man identifying as a woman be considered discriminatory, you could be in legal jeopardy if you said anything.

Most in the media are either too scared or too biased to write about it.

Female status is being sold out by a liberal agenda elevating transgender status. Most in the media are either too scared or too biased to write about it. American women should be horrified by what enshrining gender identity into federal law will mean, but they have virtually no one willing to report the facts and warn them. Or challenge the left.

During the Judiciary Committee action on the Equality Act, Democrat congresswomen didn’t dare acknowledge the inherent conflict between elevating protections for a nebulous claim of “gender identity” and protecting female safety and dignity. Their silence is deafening.

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Congress should pass laws that protect women, not abandon, silence, threaten, and exploit us.  Actual cases involving women’s shelters, locker rooms, and sports competition prove what happens to women and girls when “gender identity” overrules our rights. Proponents may think they are well-meaning, but they need to face the realities of this bill for American women. Instead they are rejecting the conversation. Women will lose.    

We can’t afford to lose a generation of our daughters to this madness nor abandon protections for females in our society. Liberal women where are you? Too afraid of bucking your leadership and being shamed as "bigots"?

Stop the silence and reject the extreme and dangerous mandates of the so-called “Equality Act.”

Congress, do your job. Pass laws that protect women and girls, not endanger us.

Doreen Denny is Senior Director of Government Relations for Concerned Women for America