Rising Social Agenda Brings Luster to Qualified Dividends

The 2020 Presidential election season is officially in play with more challengers running for the White House than Carter has pills.

There are Democrats from the center, left-of-center and way left-of-center who are going to jam our email inboxes, social media accounts and mailboxes with propaganda that will lambast how America is being managed by the current administration, while promising the moon and real change in exchange for our votes. There is also a billionaire running as an independent, causing the liberal elites within the Democratic Party to go ballistic as they view Howard Schultz???s bid as likely to pull votes away from a Democrat and aid President Trump???s re-election.

The campaign for the Democratic Party???s presidential nomination is becoming one big mosh pit of more than 11 contenders and counting. They are offering all manner of fresh tax-and-spend plans. They could just hold the first round of debates inside a circus tent, because that seems to be the most fitting venue.

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