Who wins with Obama’s net neutrality?

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  • 09/21/2022

The Barack Obama Administration???s Thursday Internet uber-power grab is awful for just about every American.  It will lead to dramatically more expensive Web access - because of both raised service costs and huge new taxes.

And we will see a spiraling, regressive devolution of speed.  It will be a return to the spinning wheel of Web-waiting death.  When government regulation increases - private investment decreases.  When investment goes - forward progress goes with it.  And this Obama power grab is lots and lots and LOTS of regulation. The government just turned backwards the clock on the unfathomable increases in speeds we???ve seen fore two-plus decades.

Remember 28k dial-up?  If not, you???ll be reminded of it here in a bit - and you???ll be paying $200 per month for it.

All of this leads one to ask - who actually wanted this grab?

???-  The Useful Idiots ???-

Soviet Communist leader Vladimir Lenin is purported to have referred to those unknowingly helping the Collectivist cause as ???useful idiots.???

There are many people who were very vocal about Net Neutrality - who had zero idea about what they were speaking.  And had zero idea that what the Administration just did is to Net Neutrality what a single plankton is to a blue whale.

For instance, there is Tumblr founder David Karp - who just about singlehandedly convinced President Obama to ramp up the grab.  He last week appeared on CNBC.  And in response to fairly rudimentary facts he - after multi-second flubberings and silences while the mouse in his head repeatedly had to retake its treadmill - blubbered things like ???I confess, that???s not my area of expertise.???

Then there is Congressman Hank Johnson - who just wrote an op-ed defending the Administration???s huge grab.  Congressman Johnson is most famous for thinking islands with too many people on them will ???tip over and capsize.???

Think HBO comedian John Oliver has any idea what???s actually going on?

Thank goodness guys like these are helping to lead this charge.

???- The Left Leadership ???-

The Left consists of two groups of people.  The Useful Idiots - who think these horrendous ideas are good ones.  And the Leadership - who know they are awful and will destroy everything, but they???ll be in charge after the grand collapse so they don???t mind so much.

What government touches - it destroys.  The Internet has become a free speech-free market Xanadu precisely because it had remained pretty much untouched by government.  No longer.  The Administrations ???fundamental transformation??? hadn???t yet gotten to the Web - now it has.

One of the leaders of the Media Marxist Movement is college professor Robert McChesney.  He knows what Net Neutrality really means.

???(T)he ultimate goal (of net neutrality) is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.???

How very Hugo Chavez of them.  What else does the good professor have to say?

???Our job is to make media reform part of our broader struggle for democracy, social justice, and, dare we say it, socialism.???


???- The Crony Socialists ???-

Then there are the giant Friends of Obama companies who will benefit tremendously from this - first among them Netflix and Google.  These two companies alone consume more than half of all U.S. Web traffic.  And the Administration???s grab just outlawed their being charged for it.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can only charge two people for the bandwidth they build.  Hogs like Netflix and Google - or us.  So our prices will skyrocket - to augment the profits of Hogs like Netflix and Google.  Net Neutral, right?

How Crony Socialist was all this?  The Administration???s Obama-campaign-coin-bundling Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler steadfastly refused to take any input from the Commissions two Republicans.  He steadfastly refused to wait for Congress to go first - as the Commission is Constitutionally required to do.  He steadfastly refused to release to We the People the text of the grab prior to its Thursday ram-through.

But the day before said ram-through - this happened:

Tom Wheeler Tweaks Net Neutrality Plan After Google Push

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has made some last-minute revisions to his net neutrality plan after Google???pressed for the changes, according to sources at the commission.

The Obama Administration wouldn???t take input from Congress or Republicans on the Commission.  They wouldn???t let We the People read it.  But somehow Google got a copy, didn???t like part of it - and FCC head-waiter Wheeler dutifully took their order.

Who else benefits from the grab? Of course:

The Left gets to have the government hire - with our coin - their uber-over-charging Marxist attorney friends to defend the power grab. 

Here???s hoping this obnoxious uber-power-grab is dumped in court.  But???

Even When Government Power Grabs Are Overturned ??? The Left Wins

Heads-they-win - tails we-lose.  It???s all upside for the Crony Socialist, Useful Idiot Left.



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