The Real Forever War: the Fox and the Heron

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  • 08/21/2022

The self-declared "Caliph" (the word means ???replacement??? in Hebrew) of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic studies. By no means is he ???ignorant??? of Islam, despite the declarations of ???some??? in the West. The idea of a caliphate as a supra-national Islamic state, is a basic religious ideal shared by all Muslims. Greece has collapsed, Iran is aggressive and Rome is in disarray. Welcome to 430 BC.

A Persian fable: A Fox met a Heron and said "My, what lovely feathers you have, dear Heron. May I have one?" The Heron obliged. The following day they met again, and the same exchange occurred. Day-after-day the Fox' question was repeated with the same response from the Heron's. Finally, they met when the Heron had been plucked bare; so the Fox said, "Heron, you look delicious; now I will eat you. And he did.

Professor Peter Leahy, former Australian Army Chief and leading defence strategist has warned Australians that they face a war that is "likely to last for the rest of the century" ??? unless the Heron is finally plucked before then.

Over the past nine years, since our fools declared that removing all Israeli presence from the Gaza Strip area (and a little bit more) would result in Gaza becoming a Mideast Singapore, over 20,000 rockets have rained down on Israel. For the mathematically inclined, that is over 185 per month; over 6 rockets per day. And, just in case someone did not notice, ALL of them are aimed exclusively at civilians; the majority are aimed specifically at children.

Hamas has not accrued any military advantage from all of it ??? the Israeli human casualty count is not the primary goal of Hamas' rocket strategy ??? but they have achieved a diplomatic advantage, because Europe loves dead Jews. Hamas learned that systematically feeding horrible photographs of bloody babies to the international press is the most effective weapon in the pursuit of its goals, even when those photos were actually taken in Syria; Europe loves to find something to blame Jews.

Having personally spent a great deal of time in Gaza, with Gazans (before there was a ???peace process??? there actually was peace) I personally attest there is no great love lost between Gazans and Hamas ??? those barbarian dogs are grossly despised by native Gazans. ???Wait!??? You say, ???but Hamas was ???elected??? and Jimmy Carter watched?????? Well, as Stalin said, it doesn???t matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.

Hamas' blood-photo strategy brought a massive antisemitic escalation to Jewish communities, particularly in Europe. Hamas uses children as human sacrifices; remember Moloch (Leviticus, 18:21)? These are not ???human shields???. These are human sacrifices. Nothing could be more barbaric than this, but Europe loves it because it ???excuses??? them for using Jews that way for so long.

On a slightly different note: Hamas has 40,000 ???employees??? ??? all of them getting their salaries from

???donors???, as Gaza produces absolutely nothing other than missiles.

Think about that. Gaza has about 1.6 million residents, fifty percent of whom are under 15. Of the 800,000 adults, half are women, who are not allowed to work and another third are old or infirm. That leaves 150,000 potential workers, of those nearly a third are ???employed??? by Hamas. What, in Heaven???s name, do they all do? Well, the answer is, nothing! Add to that another 30,000 still ???employed??? by the Palestinian Authority, none of whom have been allowed to work since the PA was thrown out in 2007.

Now, one does not need a degree in either mathematics or economics to comprehend that there is no way to have peace with a colony where literally half of the potential workforce is employed to do literally nothing, all supported by outside donors ??? who these people perceive as paying Jizya (tribute).

At the same time, is it any wonder that nearly two thousand Gazans make their way out of Gaza every month ??? each paying Hamas $3,000-$3,500 for the privilege of escaping from their clutches (no possessions are allowed to be taken)?

After addressing the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before 200 American Jewish leaders at a New York hotel. A young student asked the premier, "What can I tell my friends on campus in order to send Israel's message loud and clear?"

"Just tell them the truth," Netanyahu replied.

Okay, I know that what we are telling you here is uncomfortable ??? highly uncomfortable. I am just telling the truth. Learn to live with it.



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