“Bash mobs” 4 Trayvon

What’s the next step for biased media after repeatedly chanting, in unison, that demonstrations against the Zimmerman verdict are Mostly Peaceful?  Why, you just forget to mention that the violent stuff is connected to the “Justice 4 Trayvon” crowd at all.  Describe it as an inexplicable outbreak of mass psychosis, without informing readers of the connection to those demonstrations the Obama Administration and left-wing race hustlers are fomenting.  (Speaking of which, Attorney General Eric Holder’s latest effort to pretend he’s going to hold a civil-rights inquisition for George Zimmerman involves refusing to give the man his gun back, in defiance of Florida law.)

Thus, we have a report from CBS News in Los Angeles entitled, “Long Beach Residents Warned About Friday ‘Bash Mob.’”

Officials in Long Beach are warning residents about a planned ‘Bash Mob’ potentially planned for Friday afternoon.

In a ‘Bash Mob,’ an unruly but organized crowd — sometimes as many as 100 people — race through the streets committing thefts, petty crimes, assaults and property damage.

A ‘Bash Mob’ most recently occurred in the Long Beach area on July 9 in the Pike and City Place areas downtown, according to Long Beach Police Sgt. Aaron Eaton. One person was arrested and several business reported property damage during the incident.

Detectives investigating the July 9 incident found out about the planning stages of another event, by the same group, scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday, Eaton said.

“The Long Beach Police Department takes this issue very seriously and will be prepared to arrest anyone whose intent is to commit criminal acts,” Eaton said. “We will continue to support everyone’s right to free speech and assembly. However, the police must also protect the safety of those victims targeted by these ‘bash mobs.”‘

Police did not know if the planned ‘Bash Mob’ was connected to a similar incident in Hollywood Tuesday evening.

Why is the police sergeant talking about a commitment to “support everyone’s right to free speech and assembly?”  Free speech about what?  What happened in Hollywood on Tuesday evening?  CBS does not see fit to inform its readers.  Neither does a similar report by NBC News.

Not until arriving at a post by the L.A. Daily News did I find a report that bothered to mention what sort of “organization” and “free speech” these rampaging looters are associating themselves with:

After a roving mob of more than 100 people caused damage to city businesses earlier this month, police are bracing for a possible repeat today at a rally for Trayvon Martin.

On July 9, the large group of mostly teenagers from outside Long Beach vandalized and stole merchandise from various businesses in the Pike and City Place area of downtown.

“The same group is planning another ‘bash mob,’” said Sgt. Aaron Eaton, spokesman for the Long Beach Police Department.

“This is just groups of individuals, mostly teens, that are getting together through social media that decide to commit these crimes.”

Police learned through an investigation that the group planned to be back in Long Beach at 2 p.m. today at the rally organized by P.E.A.C.E. –Protecting Everyone America Created Equality — in front of the Long Beach Superior Court on Ocean Boulevard.

The Daily News article quotes authorities who take pains to remind us that those Trayvon rallies are “mostly peaceful,” and the looters are all splinter groups that “break away” from the peaceful protests.  It is also emphasized that the “bash mob” phenomenon predates the Zimmerman verdict, although the earliest incident anyone seems to discuss in detail is the one on July 9, which was four days before the Zimmerman verdict came down.

As with the Occupy Wall Street movement, it’s all about criminal outside elements randomly choosing to take advantage of these protests, but they have absolutely nothing to do with the heated, hateful rhetoric of the “Justice 4 Trayvon” organizers.  Nothing whatsoever.  No, listening to gasbags like Jesse Jackson call Florida an “apartheid” state, or Trayvon Martin compared to civil-rights martyr Emmett Till, or accusations that white people and their white Hispanic pals can hunt and kill black teenagers for sport, doesn’t make impressionable young people think about telling civilization to buzz off and degenerating into barbarian anarchy.  People constantly told the law is unfairly stacked against them don’t have a tendency to ignore the law.  No connection whatsoever.

A culture that produces mobs of over a hundred rampaging looters, who use social media to organize themselves into a tornado of vandalism, theft, and violence, is deeply sick.  The sickness has absolutely nothing to do with self-defense shootings in obscure Florida suburbs.  But by all means, let our political, cultural, and media “leaders” keep focusing on irrelevant sideshows and epic fantasies about thought-crime trials.  Let them keep scaring people to death with campfire stories about neighborhood watch bloodbaths, instead of talking about the real problems.  Keep organizing angry demonstrations that block traffic and consume police resources, so the “bash mobs” have cover for their next attack.

Is all the violence coming from criminal “opportunists?”  Okay, then stop giving them opportunities.  And stop indulging the purveyors of hatred and ignorance by ignoring the results of their rhetoric.