Gingrich Gets Big New Hampshire Tea Party Endorsement

Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich received an endorsement from the Tea Party leader and former New Hampshire GOP chair, Jack Kimball.

New Hampshire may be a stronghold of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, but recent endorsements out of the state have gone to Gingrich. Jumping aboard Gingrich’s campaign bandwagon has become more common in the last few weeks as Herman Cain’s campaign became derailed and suspended.

Kimball was in fact a former Cain supporter that had done work as a coordinator for the Cain’s campaign, but he has decided to switch over to Gingrich.

“He’s a staunch conservative. I’m pro-life, he’s pro-life. I’m very staunch pro-Second Amendment, as he is. He’s a strong fiscal conservative and he’s very strong on defense and as a prior military guy, that’s important to me,” said Kimball.

Praising Gingrich for his role in the 1994 Republican takeover of the House and successful push for more conservative government, Kimball said, “[Gingrich] has done it and lived it and he knows how to get it done.”