Obama Dog Leashes


Fox Nation takes note of the latest merchandise offered at Barack Obama’s official 2012 campaign website:

That’s right people, for the small price of only fifteen dollars you can now purchase a dog leash that says, “2012 Barack’s Best Friend.”

Not a dog person? Not to worry. The Obama 2012 campaign is also selling cat collars that say, “Cats for Obama.”

Get them now why you still can.

Now, the Obama cat collars make a certain degree of sense.  Cats tend to be long-term unemployed.

The dog leash is a rotten thing to do to your faithful hound.  For all you know, your dog is a liberty-loving free-market capitalist.  In fact, I’ve been given to understand that most running dogs are capitalists.  Sticking your dog on the end of a leash that declares his allegiance to President Zero Job Growth is profoundly insensitive.

Fifteen dollars is pretty steep for a dog leash.  You can get Harley-Davidson dog leashes for eight bucks at Petco.  They’re a much better long-term investment, because Harley-Davidson will still be there in 2013.  Can a nation preparing to absorb $1.5 trillion in Obama tax hikes really afford fifteen dollar dog leashes?  And, considering how much we’ve already paid to have Barack Obama in the White House, should we be getting some souvenirs for free?  At least a Solyndra T-shirt or something?

Campaigns like to splash their logos on all sorts of merchandise, but this particular offering from the Obama people seems a bit too ripe for parody.  At least they had the foresight not to offer Obama 2012 pooper scoopers or litterboxes.  On second thought, those would sell like hotcakes, so if the campaign really wants to raise some money…