Heroes In Need Of A Crisis

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  • 08/21/2022


When Teamsters president James Hoffa introduced Barack Obama at a Labor Day rally in Detroit by declaring the audience to be the President’s “army,” which was ready to battle the Tea Party and “take these sons of bitches out,” the same liberals who tried to blame conservatives for creating the “climate of hate” around the Tucson atrocity were quick to dismiss concerns about Hoffa’s language.  We were told Hoffa was merely using an elegant and nuanced political metaphor, of the type only elite liberals can handle safely.

Today The Blaze brings us video of longtime union activist Stephen Lerner, addressing the “Summit for a Fair Economy” in Minnesota last week. 

“We’re not going to convince the other side that we’re right through intellectual argument,” Lerner told his “progressive” audience.  “We need to create power, and in a way, we need to talk about how we create a crisis for the super-rich.”

Lerner told the audience they had already been saddled with a “crisis” by the “super-rich” – due, among other things, to “the loss of public services.”  Really?  We’ve got the farthest-Left President in modern history, spending more money than most of his predecessors combined, and we’ve had a horrible “loss of public services?”  You’d think Lerner would want to put Obama on trial and ask where all the money went.

But, no, what this totalitarian thug wants is a little terrorism, to create the power he needs to beat his class enemies into submission.  Since he’s already admitted he can’t win an “intellectual argument” with them, by “forcing them to negotiate” through manufactured crises - the kind of thing that brings big cities like Houston “to a standstill.”  Lerner promised “we’ve got some stuff planned in Boston and New York that’s gonna be really spectacular.”  He openly encouraged various acts of lawlessness to create the kind of crisis that would make progressives into jackbooted “heroes.”  In other words, it’s time to take some sons of bitches out.

Lerner calls himself “your friendly neighborhood union organizer.”  He’s billed as a representative of the SEIU International on the screen behind him while he’s speaking.  He was a top staffer at the SEIU until November 2010, when he was forced out for spending big union bucks on the kind of “crisis manufacture” he encourages in this video.  He’s been caught on tape discussing plans for economic terrorism before.  His Huffington Post bio says he “currently directs SEIU’s banking and finance campaign.”  Among the other speakers at the event where Lerner delivered his fascist tirade were former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Now, does some liberal want to tell us about all the layers of nuance we’re missing from the elaborate political metaphors for harmless, legal voter organization deployed in this video?




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