The Ultimate Man knows how to fight off an alligator. Do you?

When A. J., a reformed alligator poacher, was asked how he was able to wade at night in Louisiana’s alligator-infested swamps, yet never get eaten, he answered, “Always keep your arms by your sides.”  If you don’t keep your appendages close to your body, he explained, even a small alligator will bite them and spin its body to rip them off. However, if an alligator or crocodile is really big, say over ten feet, it may bite you anywhere and then take you down for a death roll—only luck will save you then, as you’ll have to go for its eyes. But most will grab an arm or a leg and spin their bodies to rip your limb off. If this happens, grab the gator or croc and spin with it. Lock your legs or arms around it, then shove your thumbs in its eye sockets and fight like you’ve never fought before, because if you lose, you’ll never fight again.

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