Campaign 2008 Movie of the Week Project

TO: FF Coppola
FR:  S. Spielberg, O. Stone and Q Tarantino
RE: Campaign 2008 Movie of the Week Project
Date: 6/3/2008



Quentin, Oliver and I have been speaking about your idea to make the 2008 Campaign Battle Film, “From Victory to Defeat.” And we have been developing some very interesting themes. I have decided to lay them out for your perusal and consideration, we believe that they are all marketable and good.

First of all, we all agree that Hillary is the villain, so we all thought Glenn Close, and the Rabbit in  Fatal Attraction, mean, scary and to some a little bit sexy. Dangerous.  Of Course the Rabbit represents the super-delegates Michael Douglas represents Barack Obama. We all liked it and promptly killed the idea as being too obvious.

The Vietnam Option

Steven S. really liked the idea of  an action movie, what about Saigon April 1975, thousands of panicked super-delegates rushing the DNC offices in Saigon, trying desperately to get to the roof, to ride out via Hybrid Helicopter to the USS Barak Obama (a French-built ship by the way, just to add a little texture.) Panic ensues as the super-delegates dump interns, fax machines, walking around money, and of course the hybrid helicopters into the Sea of Japan. See actors playing Harold Ickes, and Terry McAuliffe being summarily executed by remaining CC (Clinton Cong) as they try to run for the helipad. In an ironic twist the closing shot actually features Bill Clinton riding one of the skids, out off the roof top, trying to cut the line brining Hillary up. She falls, safely landing on John Kerry’s medals. We loved it then we killed it: America doesn’t like war movies with unhappy endings.

The What the Hell is Oliver on option:

OK admittedly, this one is out there, but Oliver insisted we consider it. First Oliver proposed this: George Bush, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan and Dick Cheney all scheming to have Barack steal the election from Hillary. The film would actually last 5 months, not cover 5 months, it would be 5 months in length, just like the real election did. It would feature the rants of Cindy Sheehan and Ward Churchill in the nude, over atonal aboriginal music, featuring didgeridoos. Johnny Depp would play Scott McClellan declaring, “ I lied, I lied, I lied, now can I please have a show on MSNBC.” The closing scene would feature Osama Bin Laden looking into the camera, OBL would be played by either Edward James Olmos or Jackie Chan declaring, “Bush ordered me to hit the towers. Hillary is out, I have won twice. Oliver scared me and Quentin. We got him to change it up a bit, to feature a Mad Max scenario with all the Move On, Daily Kos and Media Matters wackos, riding motorcycles to Denver in an attempt to take over what they refer to as Obamadome.  Oliver thinks we can cast Al Gore as Keith Olbermann.  Or maybe he said Olbermann as Gore.  Whatever.

The Godfather Option:

Quentin Tarantino, liked the notion of Kill Bill part V. But in this case, it would be Kill Hill’s Chances. It would be a direct rip off of the Godfather. Picture a darkened parlor, Don Corleone (Bill Clinton) sits in his chair as Luca Brasi comes in to talk about how he intimidated all the super-delegates to vote for Hillary. But after seeing Father Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright, the Super-delegates, understood the Clintons had no more juice any more and broke loose. A full war between the two families of the DNC. The film would end with Hillary and Bill going out in a rowboat. Instead of a gunshot, you would hear the Dean Scream.

The Wizard of Oz Option:

Finally there is the Wizard of Oz idea, with the house of the Super-delegates, landing on Hillary and a close up of the crumpled pantsuit and striped socks.

Please advise, we can begin shooting in Greenland in 2 weeks, they have no union regulations to speak of and we can eat all the Whale Meat we want.


Steven S.
Oliver S. and
Quentin T.