I Wish I Could Pick None of You

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  • 03/02/2023

On Sunday night, I switched the channels back and forth between the Democrats’ presidential primary debate and the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.  I watched them both with the same lack of interest – a bunch of movies I won’t see and a bunch of liberals I won’t vote for.  In my house, Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary debate went up against the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" marathon.  Candidates from both parties seem to be running against President Bush.  However, Republicans’ few criticisms didn’t seem to cut as deep and they were much more aware of their real competition in 2008.  While sizing up the Republican nominees, I had the harsh realization that our guy, whomever that may be, might not win.  

As many conservatives did, I watched the Democrats’ debate asking myself which one of these would be the least harmful to America.  As much as it pains me to say it, Senator Hillary Clinton moved to the front of the line when she said, “I believe we are safer than we were [before 9/11].  We are not yet safe enough.”   When it comes to Democrats and national security, they certainly benefit from low expectations.  Senators Obama and Edwards, with the patronizing tone of college professors, said we live in a more dangerous world than before 9/11.  Despite that, neither of them want to engage in a global war on terrorism or as Edwards calls it, a “bumper sticker.”

In contrast to the Democrats’ debate, a salute to the troops came within the first 20 minutes of the MTV Movie Awards.  While accepting the award for “Best Villain,” Jack Nicholson thanked our fighting men and women and allies in the field.  More than 70 minutes into the debate, Senator Chris Dodd finally acknowledged that “our men and women in uniform” be applauded.  Let’s hear it for Jack in ’08.

While the award show featured movies with unbridled testosterone and action like 300 and The Departed, the stage of Democrats tripped over themselves over who could surrender to the terrorists first.  Senator Obama called the war in Iraq “a distraction from the battle to deal with Al Qaida in Afghanistan.”  

As Ann Coulter has noted, Democrats claim to want to fight every war except the one we’re currently fighting.  Case in point: Darfur.  Americans aren’t the target of the violence in Darfur, so the candidates don’t mind sending American troops there.  Senator Joseph Biden said, “They have forfeited their sovereignty by engaging in genocide.”  If only Saddam Hussein had engaged in genocide, then Bush would have those cowardly liberals off his back!  Governor Bill Richardson suggested that China (because they have moral authority out the wazoo) use its leverage against Sudan in order to end the violence.  Richardson also suggested that the U.S. pull out of the Beijing Olympics if China refuses to intervene.  Why China?  Because a large portion of their oil comes from the Sudan.  So, the “blood for oil” concept is ok as long as America doesn’t benefit.  

Another hot topic was America’s lack of moral authority in speaking out against human rights violations in other countries.  Edwards said that America “doesn’t have the moral authority to lead in the world.”  Their lecturing on America’s faults reminded me of the asinine question that was asked during the last Republican presidential primary debate – “What do you dislike most about America?”  I doubt the Democrats could have held their remarks to the one minute time limit.  Following Sunday’s debate, author David Limbaugh wrote, “Frankly, I've had my fill of these people trashing America and everything good and decent for which it stands, asserting moral equivalence between us and the terrorist barbarians, denying there's a real war going on and contending we are not performing humanitarian deeds and engaged in a noble cause in Iraq – in short, telling the world we're evil, then lamenting that we have acquired that reputation… I admit that a veritable love-fest with America from Democratic presidential contenders would not sit well with their rabid base, but couldn't they at least humor the rest of us? After all, there will be a general election following the primary.”

Many of the awkward moments during the debate was CNN’s Wolf Blitzer call for a “show of hands” on issues like English as the official language and whether the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy should be ended.  It was like watching eight teacher’s pets that were eager to speak, but all had the wrong answer.  The Democrats had an even tougher time than the Republicans when it came to the yes or no questions, each wanting to qualify their answer.  Regarding the question on English as the official language, Senator Obama said, “This is the kind of question that is designed precisely to divide us… And when we get distracted by those kinds of questions, I think we do a disservice to the American people.”  Can’t they all just share the nomination like good boys and girls?  

Before the final award was presented MTV Movie Award host and comedienne Sarah Silverman told the nominees, “I wish I could pick none of you.”  That about sums up the Democrats’ field of candidates.  Like many conservatives, I’m still undecided on the Republicans.



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