Star Spangled Confusion

On Flag Day Sen. Clinton was asked if she would back a constitutional amendment to ban the physical desecration of the Stars and Stripes. She has voted several times against it before, and she promised to vote against it again; "I’m voting against the amendment. I’ve always been against the amendment."

But Hillary is trying to play both sides (as usual), though, as she has co-sponsored proposed legislation to ban flag-burning in certain instances, and this is confusing some people, mostly liberals. Many on the Left believe that she supports the constitutional amendment, which to them is anathema, naturally.

Even the mainstream media doesn’t know exactly what she supports, as demonstrated by a recent correction by The Washington Post, found here.

Her semantics might work in a philosophy class, but probably not in a campaign. "She can explain it legalistically, but that’s not going to work, not for a presidential candidate," says University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato. "This will just give additional fodder to her critics, on the left and right."