Dear Dems: Stop Whining, Start Drilling

As if it wasn’t enough to have our own president declaring America is "addicted to oil," left-wing organizations can’t seem to keep themselves from spouting the phrase whenever they deem it appropriate.

The two groups pushing the nonsensical notion (as if repeating it often will make their dreams come true) are the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) and the Center for American Progress (CAP).

CAP has founded a website called John Podesta, the organization’s president and CEO, introduced the site saying:

"America’s addiction to oil threatens our national security; fuels poverty around the world; pollutes our environment; and weakens our economy and national budget — and burdens the budgets of millions of hardworking Americans. We must chart a cleaner, alternative energy future. is not only an important tool to connect our country’s citizens, activists, and policymakers, but it will spur them to start shaping that future today."

Today the Dems announced an energy independence plan (which luckily no one really had to hear about because of the intense immigration debate on the Senate floor) which is supposed to control gas prices, reduce dependence on foreign oil and save the world from global warming. Toby Chaudhuri, communications director for CAF, can’t compliment the plan enough:

"It’s time for an oil change. Americans are paying more at the gas pump because of corrupt policies pushed by Republican lawmakers. We simply must jump-start a plan to break our nation’s addiction to foreign oil. Moving to sustainable energy and greening our economy would generate jobs, capture new markets and unleash America’s science and technology, all while reducing our reliance on Persian Gulf oil."

But if Democrats are really serious about finding a solution to high gas prices and foreign oil dependence to help America kick its nasty "oil habit" then I have a four-letter solution to get them started:


Just drill it.