Petition vs. Petition

Two petitions are currently circling in Washington, D.C. and around the nation — one from the left side of the political spectrum, the other from the right.

As I pointed out yesterday, is collecting signatures to show support for Sen. Russ Feingold’s proposal to censure President Bush because he’s been hard at work protecting the security of our nation. Later that evening, as Rob reported, Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman sent an e-mail out requesting signatures for a petition telling Democrats to "stop weakening national security."

MoveOn’s movement has since been re-energized by its "enemy’s" iniative and announced today that it will be collecting 350,000 signatures (instead of the previously mentioned 250,000) to defend Feingold against further attacks from the GOP.

In MoveOn’s e-mail, the organization admits being miffed about the comment made by Sen. Wayne Allard (R.-Colo.) in a radio interview yesterday accusing Feingold of "[siding] with terrorists."

This just goes to show that MoveOn team can’t take what they dish out. Sorry guys, two can place at this game.