Leftist Agenda at 2006 Oscars Crashed

Literally, this year the Oscars "crashed," logging in the second lowest TV ratings ever, the lowest being just three years ago, in 2003, when "Chicago" won the best picture award.

This year’s fare of little watched movies insisted on jamming America once again with Hollywood’s "in your face" extreme leftist agenda. If "Brokeback Mountain" had won, we would have been besieged with an emboldened gay lobby even more determined to advance their crusade in our movie theaters and public schools.

How low will box office revenues have to go before Hollywood gets the message that the vast majority of Americans are repelled by the idea of gay cowboys, or more appropriately, gay shepherds? We hesitate to imagine how much more we can anticipate from Hollywood if the movie moguls decide to impose upon us the full range of possible human sexual expression and psychosis on the silver screen.

We wonder what the reaction was at the Oscars when World Ahead Publishing presented the stars with an Oscar Party Gift Pack that included a copy of "Help! Mom! Hollywood’s in My Hamper," the new book by best selling author Katherine DeBrecht. The illustrated book features satirical look-a-likes resembling outspoken celebrities including Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Sean Penn, and many others. It tells a story of two girls who were happy being kids until Hollywood stars began popping out of their hamper to tell them how to behave and to sell them expensive trinkets.

"Know-it-all liberal celebrities are never at a loss for telling people how to live, what to buy, and how to vote," says author DeBrecht, a captain of South Carolina’s "Security Moms for Bush" and a mother of three. "Children need to understand that just because these people show up on television and in the movies doesn’t mean they know what’s best for America.”

Maybe Hollywood should also take note of Ted Baehr and MOVIEGUIDE. Since the MOVIEGUIDE Awards began holding what has often been called the "Christian Oscars," in 1992, the number of movies with positive Christian content and references to the Gospel of Jesus Christ have increased 374 percent (from 10.4 percent of the Top 250 movies produced by Hollywood to 49.3 percent of the Top 250. This year the MOVIEGUIDE Awards honored several films that middle-America actually watched in large numbers, including "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."

Listening to George Clooney opine how Hollywood likes to credit itself with leading America’s moral agenda, we have no choice but conclude that Hollywood seems determined to follow the path of the mainstream media in general. In case Hollywood has not noticed, Americans are not reading newspapers and not turning on the evening network news, just like we are staying away from movie theaters.

To paraphrase Casey Stengel, "The only thing worse about a Mets game is a Mets double-header. Pretty soon, people are going to start saying the same thing about Hollywood movies that insist upon crashing traditional American values and breaking middle-America’s back.