‘Rolling Justice’ Rolls Into Oblivion

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  • 03/02/2023

The left-wing Alliance for Justice rolled out its “Rolling Justice” tour with the goal of traveling to communities across the United States to “educate people about how the Supreme Court’s rulings affect their lives and about the impact the Alito nomination will have on the delicate balance of the Court.”

It’s too bad Americans can’t trust what the Alliance for Justice is telling them. This left-wing, anti-Bush group plans to do just about everything in its power to derail Alito’s nomination.

As the group explained in an email to supporters today: “Right now, groups of concerned citizens are on the road, visiting coffee shops, restaurants and community centers in their states. They're sharing their stories in towns from Augusta, Maine to Alamosa, Colorado, and on the Rolling Justice travel diary.”

But there’s proof “Rolling Justice” is a flop. Knight Ridder Newspapers reported the difficulties, at least in Craig, Colo., that the Alliance for Justice is facing. Here’s what was reported:

“The liberal Alliance for Justice has organized a ‘Rolling Justice’ campaign in which volunteers take their anti-Alito message to small towns. It's unclear how successful the strategy has been. On Sunday, the Daily Press of Craig, Colo., (pop. 9,000) noted the arrival of Rolling Justice volunteers in a 330-word article. The report said: ‘No one from Craig attended the meeting Friday, but with freezing temperatures, group members said they weren't surprised.’"

That news has given Republicans hope that the American public isn’t buying the left’s Alito attack. But this “Rolling Justice” campaign is really just the beginning of a much larger effort - likely to happen the first week of January - when the left rolls out millions of dollars in TV advertising.

Conservatives have been told to focus on red-state Democrats and squishy Republican moderates. That’s who the left is focusing on, too, so that should tell you something.