P Diddy’s Quota System

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  • 03/02/2023

It isn't hard to see Puff Daddy, spokesman for of MTV's "Vote or Die" campaign under Rock the Vote's thinly veiled attempt to get the young ballot for Kerry's camp, is a fan of quota systems for his show "Making the Band."

The show, which runs on MTV is in its third season of trying to manufacture a singing, dancing hip-hop band after two failed seasons where the finished product has been so bad, Diddy axed them both himself to from scratch again this season.

In the episode I just watched, Diddy told the girls: "There are sets of girls that march and mirror each other." He points to two hard-bodied black women and says, "There is no way I would take both of y'all. One of you has got to go" regardless of their talent.

He then pits three groups against each other, a black group of three, three long-haired Latino women and two white girls who "can dance and don't have a**."

It's no wonder with his pre-conceived formulas that even with all the trainers, vocal coaches and limitless pools of talent in the world, Diddy hasn't been able to make a band yet that has turned out a gold record.

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