Replace Liberal with Morally Decayed

Fifty years ago, a  decade after Europeans had been extricated from the hellhole of World War Two by their magnanimous American cousins, the Old World denizens again were enjoying the fruits of civility envisioned for them in their Maker’s original Garden of Eden.

Yet, British writer William Golding, eventual winner of a Nobel Price for literature, foresaw how easily barbarism again could vanquish the West’s inherent Christian decency.  His Lord of the Flies, published in 1954, was the first of three allegorical novels that would explore fundamental challenges to human existence, survival and freedom. Lord of the Flies specifically describes the horrific slide into savagery by aband of young children following the crash of their plane on a small tropical island (not too unlike Aruba, in the southern Caribbean).

True to Golding’sprophetic vision, by the mid- 1960s Western Europe, including the redoubtable British Isles, had begun a hedonistic rear march into the hypnotic ancient land of Anything Goes. In the Netherlands (AKA Holland), the Dutch even would coin a word to describe their retreat to moral anarchy: gedoogcultuur, “the culture of permissiveness.” (Remember, these are the same people who a few decades earlier had contributed to English language the term “Dutch uncle,” that is, a stern, relatively decent mentor who tries to keep others on the straight and narrow path.)

Here, as Golding predicted with clarity, are some terminal, cancerous, liberal sores that today fester on Holland’s once-traditional and healthy body politic:

  • Scantily clad prostitutes laze about in urban storefronts so that sex-hungry passersby can window-shop for a steamy middle-of-the-day liaison. Meantime, the Sex Workers Union (blue-collar hookers) is pushing the Dutch government to allow the pimpish labor bosses to crank up in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport the fastfood-restaurant-sounding “YumYum Caviar Club,” which actually would be a bordello for horny in-transit travelers. (One of the Netherlands’ biggest imports has become “whordes,”so to speak, of attractive young East European women to replace the aging pool of native Dutch prostitutes.)
  • Local and tourist pedophiles, the most unrepentent of dirty old men, roam the land with impunity since the 1990 national “reform” legislation lowered the age of sexual consent to 12 (think of your own children and grandchildren when they were that age, one year shy of being even a teenager).
  • The grossest pornography available can be purchased in chain grocery stores, just down the aisle from tofu and skim milk, and graphic nudity is a big hit on “family hour” prime-time, through-the-air television.
  • Marriage is a legal right of homosexuals, even if it includes serial infidelity on both sides.
  • “Dutch treat” has become another perverted expression, no longer meaning that two people at the same table simply pay for their own share of the food or drink bill. The only Dutch “treat” today is physically, mentally and socially ruinous, and exemplified by 210 Amsterdam “coffee shops” that really are dens for foreign and domestic marijuana users, and 75 “bars” for hash heads. Holland has become the drug capital of Europe and is blamed by Britain and France for exporting at least 80% of the heroin marketed into those countries, and 100% of the trade in nightmarish psychedelic substance Ecstasy.Meantime, absorbed with systemic liberal guilt over its colonial past, the Netherlands has opened the floodgates for immigrants from Indonesia, the Islamic colony in Asia which the Dutch ruled for three

Meantime, absorbed with systemic liberal guilt over its colonial past, the Netherlands has opened the floodgates for immigrants from Indonesia, the Islamic colony in Asia which the Dutch ruled for three centuries. This has resulted in one million Muslims (6% of Netherlands’ population) living in little Holland (slightly larger than Maryland), whose four largest cities now count Muslims under age 14 as the majority of their youth. Such immigration also has resulted in an outbreak of deadly tit-for-tat terrorism between Indonesians and a handful of unapologetically militant Dutch nationalists.

All these sad details of Dutch decay are important because it goes a long way toward explaining what is happening, and not happening, in Dutch-owned Aruba, an island speck that is a world away geographically but only a heartbeat away culturally from the motherland.

No longer a colony but a full-fledged political division of the distant Netherlands, Aruba is a m???? ©lange of 70,000 multicultural souls on an island off the South American coast about the size of Washington, DC.

Like Mother Holland, Aruba boasts that its crime rate is “very low.” Also like Mother Holland, however, Aruba has a low crime rate in large part because so little tawdry and outright dangerous activity in its laissez-faire environment actually qualifies as a crime; furthermore, if such activity is criminal, the police tradition in many cases (based on the Dutch model) is to wink at the perps and head for the nearest Dunkin’van Donuts for a quick sugar-fix. In the wake of the highly reported May 20 disappearance of teenage American tourist Natalee Holloway, USA Today has reported this less-than-professional Aruban attitude toward crime statistics:

“Detailed crime statistics are hard to come by: In 2003, the most recent year with available data, there were 4,236 crimes, though no specifics on those against tourists. According to Aruba’s attorney general, five homicides were reported last year. But police have not provided a breakdown of offenses since 1995, says Martijn Balkestein of the Central Bureau of Statistics.”

A more frightening portrait of Dutch/Aruban police incompetence in dealing with “noncriminal criminals” emerged in an Associated Press story that details how Natalee’skinfolk in Alabama, not the Karibbean Kops, nailed the prime suspect, the playboy son of an influential local official:

“MOUNTAIN BROOK, ALA. (AP)–Natalee Holoway’sfamily, not Aruban police, first identified and located a Dutch youth now held as a suspect in the disappearance of the Alabama teen, according to a friend who helped with the search.

“The family’s quick work –a combination of hunches, tips and amateur detective work on the Caribbean island–also led to two of the youth’s friends who also were taken into custody. But it ultimately was met by frustration when authorities failed to quickly arrest the trio, which included the son of a prominent Dutch ministry official.

“ ‘She had been missing less than 24 hours and we had all three names and addresses, so it’s just disappointing that they weren’t able to move faster,’ said Jody Bearman, who organized the trip to Aruba for 125 students from Mountain Brook High School and seven chaperones . . .

“With help from some locals, Holloway’s mother and the others determined the youth had been in the casino playing in a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament, according to Bearman. Players had to sign in, she said, and that gave them a name and initial: Joran V.

“ ‘After talking to enough people, we were able to deduce that it was Joran van der Sloot,’ she said. ‘Once we got the name we were able to track the address through people and we got the police. They escorted us and we went straight to the house . . .’

“His story didn’t add up, though, according to Bearman. ‘We started pressing him on that because we had students who were in the lobby until 5 a.m., and she never arrived,’ she said.“While

Aruban police were present during the questioning of van der Sloot, which lasted until about 3 a.m., officers left the talking to Holloway’s family until things began to get ‘heated,’ Bearman said. . . ."

After witnessing the campaign carping and nonproductive palaver of John F. Kerry regarding the Iraq War, Americans solidly rejected his bid for the presidency in 2004. If the domestic War on Crime is as important to voters as the international War on Terrorism, no sensible candidate for president in 2008, even a Democrat as far left as Hillary Clinton, is likely to hold up the ultraliberal Dutch/Aruban police and cultural standards as models for the United States.

Certainly Natalee Holloway’s family will not be supporting that course of history.