Ron Embraces Cloning:

The research procedure Ron Reagan described and endorsed in his Democratic convention speech was the cloning and killing of a human embryo. This fact was ignored by the establishment press, which insisted on saying Ron Reagan was merely endorsing “stem cell research”–which, unlike cloning research, can be conducted with cord blood and does not require destruction of a human life. This important distinction was not lost on Michael Reagan, who again rebutted his younger brother on FOX News. “I sit on the board of the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation,” the elder Reagan told Fox’s John Gibson. “. . . So, I’m somewhat familiar with . . .what is really going on, that embryonic stem cell research is like a train wreck in the laboratories, because when they inject it into the lab animals . . . you’ve got downstream cancer that’s showing up. But where some good things are happening and, unfortunately, is not given enough credit, is in the cord blood stem cells, which are helping sickle cell anemia, which are helping leukemia, which are helping lymphoma, and these adult cells are doing a fine job.”