What Laura Ingraham Has To Say About Elites

In her new book, Shut Up & Sing, Laura Ingraham, with dead-on wit and precision, shows how we can torpedo the elite agenda: “Just shut up and sing, act, or do whatever you do to pay your bills-and stop insulting the rest of us with your tired critiques of the American way.”

Here is a sampling of what you can find:

Ivory Tower Elites
The most left-wing of the elites hang their hats, or should I say their berets, at our finest universities and colleges. Both faculty members and administrators tend to believe that America must continually apologize for and make amends for her past. You get the sense that they are always waiting for the next Woodstock. They are obsessed with “diversity”-as long as it’s based on race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. Yet intellectual diversity is actually considered by many Ivory Tower elites to be unpleasant and unhelpful. (p. 15)

Cultural Elites
Cultural elites are nastily derisive about their fellow Americans, especially their alleged lack of intellectual capacity and inability to comprehend the deep thoughts of our self-appointed geniuses. Quite a few would prefer to live abroad. “My America is called Europe. It is my place of dreams,” [Susan] Sontag gushed after declaiming upon the awfulness of American’s consumer culture. (p. 18)

The South Is the Font of All Evil
To our modern elites, the South is the font of all evil. It’s a place where racist rednecks rule and the Jerry Springer Show trawls trailer parks for fat, stupid inbreds. The elites who don’t hesitate to slip into (bad) Southern drawls to ridicule Southerners are, of course, the first ones to scream “Racist!” when someone dares criticize a black radical, or “Sexist!” whenever NOW is called to the mat. (p. 29)

Tolerate This!
The elites argue that if you complained about the painting in [the exhibit] “Sensation” of a black Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung and festooned with photos from porn magazines, then you must be closed-minded and stupid???. but what I want to know is: Would the ACLU have so vigorously defended “Sensation” on First Amendment grounds if the Virgin Mary had been traditionally portrayed-no dung, no porn allusions-in a Christmas Nativity scene out in front of the Brooklyn Museum? Unlikely. (p. 53)

Take This Car and SUV It!
Barbra Streisand and hubby James Brolin, who are supporters of [Norman] Lear’s Environmental Media Association, both drive SUVs, as do no-longer-amusing comic Chevy Chase and his wife. “They keep it in the back and it’s rarely used,” said Chase’s spokesman. “They only use it when they have to attach the horse trailer or when they are carrying a lot of kids.” Right. So it’s okay when Chevy Chase needs to tool around Westchester with his offspring (and horses, presumably), but when you need to ferry the kids to school in your town, you’re practically running an al Qaeda training camp. (p. 64)

Sean Penn’s Trip to Iraq
[Sean] Penn explained that he took an interest in Iraq because as a successful actor he had “an added responsibility,” being that most Americans “don’t have the time to attack their own ignorance on issues beyond popular media.” Let’s try to follow this line of logic: Because we have “regular” jobs and responsibilities, we can not possibly hope to be as informed as someone who plays make-believe and gets paid millions for it? (p. 82)

Bush Is the Most Dangerous Man On the Planet
With people like Martin Sheen, Barbra Streisand, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Mike Farrell, being anti-Bush is a way of life. Everything this man stands for-God, family, country-makes their skin crawl. Why? For one simple reason. Because George Bush is an effective communicator of the conservative agenda and has the power to implement it???. This makes George Bush the most dangerous man on the planet, certainly more dangerous than Osama bin Laden. (p. 88)

Shut Up and Entertain Us!
The problem is, most musicians don’t stop to realize how silly they can sound when they get beyond what they do best-entertain. Imagine a political talk show hostess with no musical background going on Larry King to lecture The Boss on musical arrangements. “Dude, you need more bass in ‘The Rising’!” (p. 86)

Elites are God-fearing People
Nothing threatens the elites so much as true faith. They recoil like vampires at the sight of a cross. They charge into court at any mention of God in the classroom. And public prayers are sure to land you before a judge. (p. 113)

Stupid White Man
Exposing a disgusting documentary filmmaker who poses as a down-to-earth everyman who’s for the Middle American working guy but is really a nasty, egomaniacal hypocrite who makes his fortune from the very fat cats he purports to despise, and then goes and lives with them in the Big City, is a story almost anyone would love. Even Michael Moore. (p. 111)

God, You’re Fired
Elites are convinced that they don’t need God, so they have fired Him???. Elites first attempt to eliminate religion from their own lives, and then they set about eliminating it from public life???. If religion is to be tolerated at all, it must be so strictly private that the elites don’t have to see it or even come in contact with it???. Elites still believe that religion is the opiate of the masses, the self-delusion of uneducated rubes who don’t know any better. (p. 116)

An Army of None
Antiwar elites are naturally convinced that those serving in the military are “stupid” or “baby killers.” After all, in their world, America is not something to be protected, it’s something that other people need to be protected from???. When they look at America, they don’t see brave and honorable Americans???. Because they don’t really think America is worth protecting. (p. 146)

When Being “Antiwar” Is the New Black
And whatever happened to all those anti-AIDS red ribbons the fashionistas used to wear? All that boring stuff’s been forgotten in the rush to condemn President Bush as the “new Hitler” and volunteering to do Saddam’s bidding by acting as human shields. It’s as if they have Issue Deficit Disorder-every year or two, they lose interest and move on to something Newer! Trendier! More tear-inducing! (p. 156)

In Kofi We Trust?
It all comes down to a difference in trust. We, the people, put our trust in God; the elites trust in Kofi Annan. We think we can choose our own elected government to run the country and conduct foreign policy; they think the unelected membership of the UN should be running our country as part of a world government. That’s the crucial difference between the elites and us when it comes to the UN. (p. 289)

The Wreckage of Wall Street
The crooks of the 1990s were con men and snake-oil merchants who left behind nothing but economic chaos and bankrupted investors. Don’t be fooled by the kinder gentler environmentalism and wishy-washy politics espoused by many of these well-heeled cheats-these guys out-Rockefellered Rockefeller when it came to scalping and predatory behavior. (p. 217)

Busting the Greed Creed
America is supposed to be a country with government of the people, by the people, and for the people. But that will not happen if we allow an elite few to dictate to the rest of us???. Too many businessmen need to be reminded that the dollar is not the symbol of America. The flag-representing our one nation under God-is. (p. 216)


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