McClintock Lays Out His Plans For California

State Sen. Tom McClintock (R.), a candidate for governor of California, spoke to HUMAN EVENTS’ editorial board Monday on a variety of issues facing the state, including its deficit, its hostile business climate, immigration, and his opponents in the recall election.

McClintock said he would begin to enforce Proposition 187 if elected, and to give the 1994 ballot measure-which cut off state services to illegal immigrants-a fair day in court.

He also promised not to raise taxes, and criticized rival candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger (R.) for his refusal to make such a promise. McClintock identified several specific budget cuts he would make as governor, including the abolition of dozens of unnecessary state agencies and commissions, and called for a thorough downsizing of the state’s education bureaucracy and a return to local control and accountability.

The senator also called on another rival, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (D.) to repudiate his reputed past involvement with the racist organization MEChA-a radical Mexican-American separatist group whose aims include the establishment of an independent “Chicano” nation in the southwestern United States.

HUMAN EVENTS will publish an edited transcript of the 30-minute interview this week.