MORGONN MCMICHAEL: Rachel Levine praises clinic that pushes the term ‘Egg Producers’ for MOTHERS

In a recent visit to Alaska, United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, formerly “Richard,” who identifies as a transgender woman, applauded the work of a gender clinic that advocates for referring to mothers as “egg producers.”

In his trip to Anchorage, Levine visited Identity Alaska, a non-profit that aims to “advance Alaska’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, two-spirited + community through advocacy, education, health care, and connectivity.” Levine applauded the clinic’s efforts, stating that it is providing “lifesaving medical care for LGBT individuals.”

“These inspiring people work tirelessly to create a more equitable future, where all those living in the U.S. have equal access to lifesaving medical care,” said Levine, a biological man who identifies as a woman.

Identity Alaska promotes the use of the “Gender Inclusive Biology” curriculum, a guide designed for recommending “child-friendly definitions” of gender terms. For example, the guide advocates against using the term “mother” and instead recommends terms such as “birth parent,” “gestational parent,” and “egg producer.”

For men, the guide recommends terms like “testicle-having people” and “those with testicles” should be used.

The Gender Inclusive Biology guide goes beyond normalizing absurd terms for males and females. The guide also seeks to “examine how science has been used as a tool to fight oppression."

Levine has been an outspoken advocate for the transition of minors who identify as transgender. Last year, he tweeted out that “gender-affirming care” for children is “medically necessary,” and falsely claimed that it is “safe.”

"Accredited medical professional groups agree that gender-affirming care is medically necessary, safe, and effective for trans and non-binary youth. States should translate this knowledge into more compassionate policies that protect rather than undermine youth mental health.” - Rachel Levine via Twitter

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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