EXCLUSIVE: Marjorie Taylor-Greene tells Jack Posobiec NATO summit has taken over Capitol Hill

Special guest Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) joined Jack Posobiec on Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily during which she told the host that international representatives attending the NATO summit in DC have essentially taken over Capitol Hill.

She reported that there was a "significant Capitol Police and Washington DC police presence" outside of her office building, to the point where she thought there was a threat or anti-Israel protesters around. Then an officer informed her "it was actually the NATO summit," she said.

"So I went in my building, and sure enough, on the third floor, where the Rotunda is in Cannon, the NATO summit was being held in the Nancy Pelosi caucus room," MTG explained. "The Rotunda was being used to host a breakfast there for all of the people involved in NATO coming from all these countries. And then once they were finished with their beautiful breakfast, they were called up to Nancy Pelosi's caucus room for their meeting."

She later said that the Biden regime "was ushered into power under a military occupation" that reminded her of the security around the Capitol she saw today.

Posobiec added: "We see that Steve Bannon is currently in jail. He's behind bars. Peter Navarro is currently behind bars, and yet, we've got this president up there who we don't even know if he's actually the one calling the shots in terms of the commander-in-chief. This is a national security crisis. We don't know if the chain of command has been breached" before asking MTG what Congress is doing to combat this.

"Nothing," the congresswoman responded. "Which has me frustrated beyond comprehension."

Watch the full episode below.

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