Sweden says Russia 'poses the most serious threat' to national security, risk of Russian attack 'cannot be ruled out'

On Sunday, Sweden released its National Security Strategy, in which it was declared in no uncertain terms that Russia presented the greatest security threat to the country. Officials explained that while they believe a direct attack is unlikely, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

Sweden vowed to continue working with neighboring countries in order to stave off Russian aggression not only in Ukraine, but on their own borders as well. Such moves have been beefed up since the Scandinavian nation joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization earlier this year.

"The assessment of the Government is that the current serious security situation will persist for the foreseeable future and that it risks further deteriorating," the report stated, noting that, "Russia poses the most serious threat to our national security in the period up to 2030." It warned that "an armed attack against Sweden or its Allies cannot be ruled out. Nor can the use or threat of military measures against Sweden or its Allies."

The report made it clear that "it is of great importance to Sweden's national security to counteract Russia's influence, freedom of action and ability to target military and non-military threats against countries in the EU, NATO and Russia's neighbourhood," and that in order to do so, Sweden must "pursue a comprehensive, long-term and strategic policy to prevent Russia from expanding its power."

"We are doing it by supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes," the document continued. "Because it is morally right, but also because the Ukrainian front constitutes the first line of defence of our freedom as well. What happens there will have consequences here for a long time to come."

The National Security Strategy was released just as officials from Sweden make their way to Washington, DC to take part in its first NATO Summit as a member. Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said that his nation is "more secure" as a result, and that, "by virtue of our geostrategic position and military expertise, we contribute to making NATO stronger, the development in our neighbourhood more predictable, and our neighbouring countries more secure."

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