JACK POSOBIEC: Where is the GOP House oversight?

On Monday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec questioned why there have been no investigations into Joe Biden's moves in the Russian-Ukraine war as his mental clarity dwindles.

He stated that the Commander in Chief of the US military "engaged in a proxy war on the bloody Eastern battlefields of Ukraine with the Russian state" and has "publicly come out and stated that he's approved attacks on the Russian mainland."

"We have no investigations. We have no calls for hearings. We have no subpoenas. We have no letters out from the House GOP demanding an answer to any of this," Posobiec said.

The host stated that he would want to know notably what US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas know about the president's decisions about US involvement in Ukraine's war.

"Where is the House oversight?" he asked. "I believe that the Republicans still have control of the House, and if Republicans have control of the House, they have control of the oversight committees, which means they have oversight control of subpoena power."

Posobiec went on to question who is "actually running the security of our country" in place of the mentally compromised president, which is especially important as the NATO alliance summit will be taking place in Washington DC starting tomorrow. "We're at a time where the commander-in-chief doesn't even mentally exist. And for once, by the way, the media can't accuse me of making it all up, because you're the ones saying it."

Watch the full episode below.


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