JACK POSOBIEC: 'The Biden's are feral dogs' who have been 'backed into a corner' as shade war looms

On Wednesday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec broke down what could happen now that the left has lost support for President Joe Biden after a disastrous debate performance last week. Biden has notably said multiple times he has no intention of stepping aside, despite widespread calls to from Leftist media.

"You're looking at a palace in freefall," Posobiec stated. "You are witnessing the primal scream of a dying regime. The regime is dying before your eyes, and they're trying to rearrange the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks deeper and deeper into the muck, into the swamp itself."

While Gavin Newsom had previously been the rumored replacement for Biden if he were to step down, Kamala Harris is now the one to be paying attention to. The host said that he had exclusive information from White House officials that Pete Buttigieg is "staying out of the way and prepping for a potential run as being the next CEO of GLAAD, but is also on Kamala Harris's potential shortlist for the VP."

"So welcome to the fight," he said. "We've been telling you about the shade war for three years now here on this program now it's 100% active. This is a live ball. This is a live wire, and they're all trying to catch it." He reported that Gretchen Whitmer is also on Kamala's shortlist and has been in communication with her about becoming VP. 

"Look, there's no face in Biden handling future mishaps of critical route infrastructure," Posobiec said. "You're dealing with a cornered animal. This regime is now a cornered animal. The Bidens are feral dogs, and they have been backed into a corner. Understand, this is when they show their teeth."

He continued: "They've already airlifted Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is now working directly with Jill. They're the ones calling the shots. Joe Biden, he's out. He's completely out to pasture. They've isolated him from everyone. The aides are completely in the wind. The media has completely turned on them. You're witnessing a soft coup taking place in real-time, and we're here on Human Events to explain what's happening before it happens."

Watch the full episode below.

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