DAVID KRAYDEN: There are good reasons to stop Joe Biden's candidacy — and presidency

President Joe Biden has survived the weekend.

But that is no guarantee his presidential candidacy will survive for the rest of the week.  It all depends on the party bosses and donors now.

His performance in last week’s presidential debate with former President Donald Trump was so resoundingly catastrophic, so thunderously incompetent and so pathetically detached from reality that any party as ruthless as the Democrats should have shown him the doorway to oblivion on Friday morning. 

If removing Biden didn’t present so many logistical concerns, the Dems would have already done it. 

However, this conundrum has gone beyond politics and into the realm of the national interest and Biden may have to go, not just for the good of his party, but for the good of his country.

Of course, it is also an affront to Democratic voters who supported Biden during the primaries, but that doesn’t bother the party of perpetual power. 

In the days since the debate, Biden has shown no public remonstrances about continuing the presidential race. But of course that ultimately means nothing, because Biden is only allowed to reveal as much as his family and handlers allow him to reveal. 

What no one has even questioned is why the Democrats and the media continue to discuss a second presidential debate after the first was such an unmitigated debacle. Is that because the Democrats and the media understand that it won’t be Biden participating in the next exchange?

But besides seeing Biden’s dementia exposed before the whole world, there are several takeaways from Thursday night’s debate that are both astounding and consequential for the presidential election of 2024.

The first is that First Lady Jill Biden is apparently even more power-obsessed than her husband. Did she not think anyone was noticing as she led Joe by the hand, guiding him down the three steps on the debate stage? Did she not contemplate the reaction when she complimented the president because he “answered every question” – and did so in a manner usually reserved for praising a toddler after potty training? 

Did we finally learn who is really in charge of the White House? Is Jill in control? She’s certainly has a tight grip on Joe Biden.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a first lady has taken over the reins of power because her husband has become incapacitated. After Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in the last year of his second presidential term, Edith Wilson took over the duties of the president and actually wrote his signature on official documents. She prevented anyone from seeing Wilson.

Could this be happening again? Jill looked as crazy as Joe in the post-debate pep rally. 

Joe Biden might really believe that he has run a triumphant government for the past three-and-a-half years; he might believe the outlandish rubbish that the Trump administration let in more illegals than he has; he might actually think he hasn’t presided over a disaster that began with a series of debilitating executive orders. He’s that far gone.

So, anyone who wants to say that Biden doesn’t need to fret over a horrible debate performance because he has a record to run on is either a paid prevaricator or as demented as Biden.

The second revelation from this debate is that the mainstream media finally came to the realization that Biden is suffering from serious mental incapacitation and will be unable to finish a second presidential term. 

It’s like they actually believed their own talking points, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. CNN and the rest of them are at the White House reporting as Biden deteriorates in front of their eyes. They’ve watched as Biden has frequent mental lapses, can’t find his way out of a room, or identifies people in a room who are either absent or dead. Yet they continue to dismiss all of this reality as some kind of MAGA conspiracy or deep fake, just as the Democratic communication tells them. 

The scales dropped from their eyes Thursday night. 

Even Daniel Dale, the CNN fact checker who has demonstrated profound animosity, had a revelatory moment Thursday night. I well remember how Dale, who was then with the Toronto Star, claimed that the 2016 presidential election between Trump and Hillary Clinton wasn't “even close.” 

Yet here was Dale in the post-debate analysis rattling off Biden’s falsehoods from the debate, including the suggestion that no troops have died under his watch or that he has put a $200 cap on drug spending, when it’s actually $2.000.

“He said the border now has fewer crossings than when Trump was in office, that's generally not true. He said, or at least strongly suggested, unemployment was at 15 percent. When he took office, it was actually 6.4. He said Trump wants to get rid of Social Security. Trump doesn't. He said billionaires pay 8.2 percent in taxes. It's much higher.”

That sort of talk was indicative of what much of the media was reporting. Yet Biden had the usual gall to suggest that Trump had told nothing but lies during the debate. Biden can’t conceptualize truth from lies anymore. 

And that gets us to the third takeaway from this debate. 

Can the Congress allow Biden to continue to be president when he is operating at this low level of mental acuity? Should the 25th amendment be invoked to remove this man from power? Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has already initiated that process. 

Biden has pushed America – or he has allowed himself to be pushed – ever closer to a nuclear war with Russia. He clearly can’t be entrusted with the nuclear football. 

It’s one thing for Republicans to relish the thought of Trump massacring Biden in the presidential election. But do they want to risk the survival of America and the world in the process? 

All you had to do was look at the perpetual look of befuddlement and abject confusion on Biden’s face throughout the debate. He was overwhelmed by the reality around him. And you know his handlers did their best to present Biden at his most alert and most comprehensible. 

This is clearly a man who cannot stomach a second debate; who cannot win a second term as president; who should not continue to serve in the Oval Office.

Time has clearly caught up to the illusive Joe Biden after a reckless political career that threatens to end in disaster. 

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