EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Eric Burlison gives update on his resolution to declare the Jan 6 committee illegitimate

Congressman Eric Burlison of Missouri joined Jack Posobiec on Monday's episode of Human Events Daily to discuss the resolution he brought before the House to overturn Steve Bannon's conviction by declaring the January 6 Congressional Committee illegitimate, thereby retroactively vacating the subpoena he was charged with violating.

Burlison began by stating that "the Democrats are at war with us, but we don't seem to recognize it," as they continue to try and lock up their political adversaries such as President Donald Trump and those in his circle.

"They sent Peter Navarro to jail, they attempted to send Roger Stone to jail, they sent Dinesh D'Souza to jail, and now they're trying to send Steve Bannon to jail," the freshman congressman said before urging Americans to "push back."

Burlison introduced the resolution last week to declare the January 6 committee to be an illegitimate committee. The resolution received the co-sponsorship of "heavy hitters" in Congress such as Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andy Biggs. Burlison said that the goal of the resolution is to "send a message to the Justice Department that any court actions or prosecution should be dropped or set aside, that any sentencing should be commuted, and that the Speaker of the House is to instruct the Attorney General on the decision of the House." Burlison explained that, at the moment, he and is co-sponsors are trying to get Speaker Mike Johnson and other leadership "to take attention to it."

"This is the only tool that I have as a rank and file member of Congress," he said. "And so I'm using this as much as I can, hopefully to shed more light on this topic and hopefully bring attention so that we prioritize this and we do something about it. Because you're right, Jack, we cannot let the history books, this part of the story, sit where it is. We owe it to the American people and to history to correct what the January 6 committee did.

Watch the full episode below.

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