JACK POSOBIEC and STEVE BANNON: Gen Z was 'sold a lie' and now they are 'revolting' against liberal ideologies

Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily featured Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon while they were attending The People's Convention in Detroit over the weekend. The host and Bannon discussed how young people, and specifically young men have been leading a movement in favor of Conservatism.

Bannon called it a "youth revolt" and pointed out that it has been happening globally in countries like France, Germany, Poland, Spain, as well as in the United States.

"The kids are alright," they both agreed. 

Bannon stated that young men particularly are "disaffected" because "the world's against young men." He continued, "I don't care what your ethnicity or what your race is or what your religion, the world is against young men, it's obvious. This whole system's set up to demonize young men. They want to break the nuclear family ... They want to crush the dads, they want to use the children, weaponize against the family."

He said that young men are "at the tip of this revolt" which is why he is "confident we're going to win" in the upcoming November election.

Posobiec mentioned that Gen Z has "played by the rules their whole life" and are now entering the workforce and experiencing hardships they've never thought they'd face. Bannon compared Gen Z's to "Russian serfs."

"You don't own anything. The economics in the world against you. You're going to slave away for a paycheck, not be able to meet your monthly expenses, have to use a credit card," Bannon said. "There's $1.3 trillion of debt on credit cards right now. 10% are nonperforming, You have APR of almost 30 percent, you're just that. You're just on the wheel."

"They weren't born for this. They were born for something greater. They're born to reach their total potential. And that's what the Right wing of the world, that is what the populist movement, that's what the nationalist movement, the sovereignty movement throughout the world can offer people," Bannon concluded.

Watch the full episode below.

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