Russian cops storm prison, kill 'ISIS terrorists' who held jail guards hostage: report

A siege initiated by six ISIS inmates at Detention Center 1 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, concluded after police forces successfully "liquidated" the terrorists. 

The incident began when the inmates broke out of their cell, taking two prison officers hostage at knifepoint. After implementing their attack, the prisoners demanded a getaway car and attempted to access the prison's gun store.

The inmates, some of whom were already convicted terrorists, while others were awaiting trial, armed themselves with a knife, baton, and axe and took control of the prison courtyard, according to a police source who spoke with TASS, a Russian news outlet. 

In a statement, police reported, “During a special operation...the criminals were liquidated and the employees who were taken hostage were released and were not injured.”

A video of the incident reportedly showed the ISIS kidnappers making defiant statements, according to the Daily Mail. One of the terrorists proclaimed, “The Islamic State mujahideen have taken over the Сentral [detention jail], captured the infidels.”

“This group was prepared by Allah Almighty Himself by His signs,” the ISIS kidnappers were heard saying in another video. “It was not done all spontaneously. It is not done all for nothing. We gave these infidels conditions that they give us a car and we leave.”

“We will see what happens next. We ask Allah that we may not be captured alive by them, so that Allah may accept us,” the ISIS members added.

Three of the members, A.M Tsitskiev, T. M. Gireev, and S.A. Akiev, were convicted last December for their participation in a planned ISIS attack on the Supreme Court in Karachay-Cherkessia. The trio were sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The incident also follows a massive terrorist attack that was carried out by ISIS last March in Moscow. The attack, a shooting at a music venue in the Russian capital, resulted in 145 fatalities, according to the BBC

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