JACK POSOBIEC, LIBBY EMMONS, MATT BOYLE at The People's Convention: 'Trump has the edge'

Jack Posobiec broadcasted live from The People's Convention in Detroit on Friday alongside Libby Emmons and Matt Boyle on Human Events Daily. They discussed the 2024 election outlook for Donald Trump, who is slated to speak at the event on Saturday. 

Boyle, host of Breitbart News Saturday, has specifically been "crunching the numbers." Posobiec asked him where he sees the state of the election specifically in battleground states. 

"Trump has the edge. This is his election to lose, Joe Biden is reeling. He is in a very bad way. Their desperate lawfare attempts to try to take out President Trump have failed," Boyle replied. He reported that new polling numbers out of Wisconsin and Virginia indicate that Trump and Joe Biden are tied in those states. 

"That probably means that Donald Trump is ahead," he explained, due to the pollsters being mostly left-wingers. 

Boyle continued: "Here in Michigan, Donald Trump has a clear lead of at least a half a percent across the board over Joe Biden. So, what we're seeing right now, that is assuming Donald Trump holds together everything he had in 2020 and then he brings Georgia back into the fold, Arizona back into the fold, then he's one state away from the presidency. Those states include Pennsylvania ... Michigan and Wisconsin. Any one of those three would put him over the top. Virginia would put him over the top. Minnesota would put Trump over the top. Or winning Nebraska's Second District plus Nevada would deny Biden the presidency." 

Emmons, the Editor in Chief of The Post Millennial and Human Events chimed in, pointing out that Trump has been "so persecuted" which has given him an edge.  

"They investigate Trump to find a crime, instead of investigating crimes and then determining who's committed them. So, I think also a lot of people are just seeing through what's going on here and are coming back to support Trump," she said, adding that Americans are figuring out "this is not what the legal system is set up to do. 

Watch the full episode below: 

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