DAVID KRAYDEN: Can half of Americans really hold their noses and vote for Biden?

It didn’t take long for the polls to start confirming what the Democratic strategists had hoped for. The phony conviction of former President Donald Trump for God knows what in the “hush money” trial dominated by a has-been porn performer had taken its toll! 

President Joe Biden was viable again! In fact, he had caught up to Trump and was poised to overtake his lead in those polls.

ABC News trumpeted that “Trump and Biden are tied in 538’s new election forecast.”

Another headline declared “Trump and Biden neck and neck nationally and in battlegrounds – CBS News poll.”

There was even the withering “Donald Trump Suffers Quadruple Polling Blow” from Newsweek. My God, it sounded like a heart bypass operation.

Could the Democratic “preemptive coup” discussed here last week have succeeded?

Well, when you’re running with a president like Biden, the only strategy the Democrats in the back rooms can summon is one of not just eviscerating Trump as a “convicted felon” but going that one step further and having him imprisoned for paying a porn actress to please get out of the way.

Will the judge in this hush money fiasco actually put Trump in jail if he upholds the jury’s conviction? Will he put him in jail immediately so that Trump will be unable to attend the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee?

Believe me when I say that literally anything is possible in these United States of Corruption. 

The question is this: can half of American voters really hold their nose long enough to cast a ballot for Biden? Can they really dismiss the overwhelming evidence that Biden is not just a poor president but a poor excuse for a human being who has barely governed at all for the last four years but merely presided as a demented figurehead over the collapse of the United States into chaos?

The dementia is foundational to Biden’s illegitimacy and complete unfitness for office. Watching Biden at the D-Day 80th anniversary ceremonies should have been too much for even the most ardent Democratic supporter to abide. Here was the chief executive officer attempting to squat on an invisible chair and looking very much like he was having poddy time in his pants as his wife Jill looked on with that usual horrified expression. Biden managed to deliver a speech at the event – where he spoke glowingly about the number of Russians who had died fighting in Ukraine. This was a day to celebrate a great moment in the Second World War when the United States was allied with Russia and where at least 80 percent of German military resources at any time were deployed on the Eastern Front killing Russian soldiers. 

Remember Stalingrad, Joe? No, he can’t remember what he had for breakfast.

The episodes chronicling Biden’s dementia are proliferating the longer he is in office. Whether it’s the Depends moments or his acknowledging people in the audience who are either not in attendance or dead, Biden is clearly not in control of his facilities or his White House. God knows who is: a committee perhaps?

He cannot be entrusted with another four years of this sedentary proprietorship. 

While Trump is routinely charged for the things you might find on “Judge Judy” and fined every time he posts on social media, Biden has faced no recriminations for being on the take for much of his political life and specifically for being “Mr. Big” to son Hunter Biden’s Mr. Small. Biden clearly worked with his wayward child as the elder executive in an ad hoc firm that sold influence to the highest bidders around the world. The stench of corruption is so rank and so obvious that it should be inducing Democrats to throw up, not ask for four more years of this scoundrel. 

Have you looked at the southern border lately? Biden has presided over the complete abdication of any immigration control and watched while millions have illegally entered the country and then been transported to the destination of their choosing in the United States. Although it does matter just why any president would sell his country out in this manner, it matters more that he has. He has demonstrated an irresponsibility and criminal neglect of border security that is unique in American history. No president has been a greater failure at protecting American sovereignty. 

That open border has also made America the child sex trafficking capital of the world. The NGOs involved in the abduction and transfer of children to wealthy pedophiles is a scandal so gross and so sickening that it merits both temporal and divine justice. None of this disgusting activity could have transpired or could continue without the explicit approval of the Biden administration. 

Of course the mainstream media has all but ignored this story but the truth is emerging. Watch for an upcoming documentary called “Treason!” produced by former Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge J.J. Carrell, who served with the U.S. Border Patrol for over two decades.

And although Biden shows no concern over the vast violation of America’s sovereignty, his obsession with the Ukrainian border has led us to the brink of a nuclear Third World War. Whether by design or inattention, Ukraine is increasingly exercising command and control over American weapons that could escalate the war there into a European and then a world cataclysm. NATO countries like France and the U.K. talk about sending armies to fight Russia in the same manner as they might be ordering a ham on rye sandwich. Neither Biden nor his handlers have ever taken Russian President Vladimir Putin seriously when he says Ukraine cannot be a member of NATO. Period. 

Any normal or cognitive president would have picked up the phone long ago and talked to his Russian counterpart. President John Kennedy would have. President Richard Nixon would have. Doesn’t it seem like an obvious demonstration of diplomatic outreach when you are dealing with a country that possesses the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world? 

Not to Joe Biden. 

If you intend on voting for Biden in November, please consider carefully that you won’t be voting just for a man who epitomizes political corruption and decrepitude; you will be voting for an unnamed and unaccountable committee that is currently running the United States. 

Remember Biden is the politician without conviction who actively supported segregationists and who called segregation a source of “black pride” but who pretends he was a civil rights leader during that era. 

Trump may not be the perfect candidate but even as a man encumbered with the chains of invented judicial drama, he is vastly superior, hugely more capable and well more deserving to be president than the current non-entity in the Oval Office.

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