Trans person with male genitalia files lawsuit against German women's-only fitness studio for denying membership

A womens-only gym in Germany is being sued for €2,500 after they denied membership to a trans-identified biological male who also wanted access to the women's showers.

Laura Hannah Holstein, 25, formerly known as Nicholas, who wears a dress and is balding, filed a lawsuit against Lady's First Fitness Studio in Bavaria, seeking compensation for "personal injury suffered." The lawsuit comes after the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency ordered the women's gym to pay Holstein €1,000 after the first complaint was filed just a few weeks ago, Reduxx reports.

Doris Lange, owner of the Lady's First Fitness Studio, said she received communications from Holstein's lawyers on May 22 after being ordered to pay the fine. Lange said she is now being sued for €2,500 and a €5,000 penalty should Lange deny Holstein from using the gym in the future.

Holstein, who is fully intact, visited the fitness studio on March 29 and attempted to arrange a training session and requested complete access to the facility, including the women's showers. A young staffer arranged a trial session even though Holstein did not present an "ID card identifying as a legal woman," per NUIS.

Holstein agreed to wear swimming trucks to conceal her male genitalia while using the showers with nude female gym members as a compromise.

(Laura "Nicholas" Holstein. Courtesy: Reduxx)

After being informed about the situation, Lange directed her employees to deny Holstein access to the gym, restrooms, and showers. Holstein was informed via email correspondence that the women's fitness center was denying her a membership. Holstein attempted to negotiate and insisted that she would not use the showers if she was permitted to use the gym.

The gym didn't budge and Holstein left a negative review on the studio's Google page.

Holstein then reached out to the Federal Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Ferda Ataman. Lange was issued a letter by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs on May 16, which directed her to pay €1,000 in compensation to Holstein. The agency ruled that Lange had violated the General Act on Equal Treatment.

Lange told NIUS that her female clients do not want to train with men in the facility. Lange said she has a high amount of Muslim members who requested to have a place to train without men present.

"With all understanding for the lady's situation, we only have one large training room, one changing room and one shower. 20 percent of our members are Muslim women. The women come to our studio specifically to train in an environment that is safe for them," said Lange.

"It looks to my female customers as if I'm letting a man train there - at least as long as this lady is still equipped with male sexual organs," she added.

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